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Canada work permit applied in UAE Abudhabi 2019

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by Malkeet1, Jun 23, 2019.

  1. S
    So exactly you're in 30 weeks not 32 weeks from 29/01/2019 till today is 226 days 7*30= 210 days + 16 days= 226
    So 7*4= 28 weeks + 16 days is 2 weeks total 30 weeks don't worry it's will come because before this last update of timeline it's 30 weeks you are more 30 weeks than one day
  2. Hi

    What exactly does this two process mean and how long does it takes to complete them (review of eligibility and background check). I am asking because my status also says the same as yours although my application is being processed in South Africa because am based in South Africa. Moreover who does the background check and eligibility? Is it the visa office or IRCC. Thanks
  3. As i heard, it depends on place to place, every country has different time period of visa processing. I think, Its from visa office.
  4. Hi
    From where you apply Abu Dhabi? or other country for review of eligibility and background check they check your antecedent with clearance of the police
  5. I applied from South Africa. Is calling my employer part of the background check?
  6. OK. Thank you!
  7. But here is we can't help you
    Canada work permit applied in UAE Abudhabi 2019
  8. Hello,

    Yes, there are some instances that IRCC will make a call to your current/previous employer and these are one of the part of eligibility/ background check to convince the VO that all your employer certificates are true but not all the time.
  9. @alpha0316 hope you doing fine,,, did you get your passport returned? if so what is duration of your WP on Visa page?
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  10. Hi Chetan,

    Yes I already have my visa stamped on my passport ... I have 3 years working visa validity with multiple entries. About the Work Permit it will be issue to me at the border according to the Port of Entry letter that I received right after I received my passport from IRCC.
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  11. amazing.. congrats once again..
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  12. Hello Faycal76

    I bet to disagree of what you posted that we can't able to help someone because his application was not submitted or applied to UAE Abu Dhabi, this forum are open to all who are seeking for help, suggestion, ideas etc that can able to help him or her on their application process just what all of us are doing. We can give suggestions or ideas based to our experience whether they submitted it to Abu Dhabi or in any other countries outside UAE.
  13. Thank you Chetan I'll be traveling to Canada by end of November from Oman because I need to give a 3 months notice to my current job. Everything that I will experience during my travel and crossing the border I will share it here so I can able to help those who will be traveling soon to Canada. God bless us all
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  14. Hi, any update on your application?
  15. Hello guys!

    Is there any update in your application?

    Guys is it ok to do upfront medical exam even if there is no request yet?

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