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Canada Visitor Visa - Applied in Singapore

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by malaysiangirlhk, May 18, 2018.

  1. Hi Everyone! i was wondering if there is anyone who has experienced with applying for visitor visa at VFS Singapore? I do hold a Malaysia passport.

    i applied by paper via VFS Singapore on the 4th may. i checked on cic is 12 working days processing time, im on my 10th day now.

    is this normal to wait this long for a visitor visa?! i would like to know what are yours timelime and which passport do you hold?! :)

    Basically, i quit my job in Singapore last year and have been travelling all around asia and south america. My parents do work n live in Singapore so i have been staying with them in between my travels
  2. Processing times published on the IRCC website are only estimates/ as a courtesy/ average processing times. Actual processing depends on the specifics of the visa application and can take much longer
  3. no worries guys! i got my tourist visa within 2 weeks! until passport expires! thanks for your help guys!

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