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Can Sponsored Family Members of a Refugee Return to Home Country After Members Recieve PR?


Aug 13, 2019
Hello all,

My father has the status refugee (protected person) in Canada. He already has a PR and he sponsored us (his family members). All is left to do is to land in Canada and wait to receive the PR cards.

I am confused whether if it is possible to return to Iraq (home country) to finish college after I get my PR. I know my father is not allowed to return to Iraq but I am not so sure about us, the family members of the refugee. I am also aware that for regular PR holders, they have to spend 720 days every five years in Canada in order to keep their PR, so it is possible to leave the country for regular PR holders. Is it possible to return to Iraq after I get my PR or not?

Please include sources if possible.

Thank you in-advance.


Full Member
Jun 10, 2017
After you got PR, you should make sure yourself satisfy RO in any “5 years’ slip time window”, the checking point is whenever time you travel back to Canada, renew PR card or sponsor someone else, etc.…