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Can my parents on supervisa buy one way ticket?

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Pari123, May 1, 2014.

  1. hi guys,
    So my parents got SuperVisa . As far I know they can stay upto 2 years. They are not planning to stay this long but not sure when they will return might be after 2 or 3 months. Should I buy one way ticket or round trip (coz I know if we want to change the date there is penalty plus price difference)

    Also what kind of questions POE officer might ask?
    Any help will be appreciated....
  2. I think you are better off buying a return ticket with the option to change with less fine. One way tickets are often more expensive and the maximum return date you will get is about a year so if you are not sure how long they will stay, buy a return with the maximum return date and you can change whenever you want.

    Border officials often ask them how long they wish to stay and its best to indicate they desire the maximum duration allowed but ensure they have a valid medical insurance valid for at least a year.

    good luck !!!!
  3. Sure, they can buy one way ticket. But round trip probably cheaper than oneway. Just make the date of return trip "open".
  4. Thank you guys for reply.

    I called travel agent and they said there is no open ticket from India. Now if I buy with return ticket they said penalty $200 plus difference in fare...

    Also if they are coming for 2-3 months at POE should they say 2-3 month or more.
  5. it essentially depends on the Border officer , so even if they say 2 -3 months they could be granted the maximum allowed
    or they could be asked to show their return ticket and allow them for the specified period.

    there are instances they just don't ask the anything, and just allow them for the maximum allowed their visa class.

    so if they ask, my suggestion is to request for the maximum allowed. It doesn't hurt if they decide to leave earlier rather than having to deal with extensions if they decide to stay longer

    good luck !!!
  6. Thank you twiggy, So I guess if they buy round trip they can still say at POE more months and not show return ticket right...
  7. Yes, you just never know with the border officers, you just have to be ready for any situation but you have nothing to worry about

    good luck !!!
  8. Thanks again, any idea for questions officer can ask
  9. i dont think anyone can answer that but i dont think you should worry.

    they have a valid visa and would not have any issues.

    good luck !!!
  10. Thanks again, Mostly I will buy One way for them, I am just hoping officer will be okay with that
  11. yeah , thats fine as well

    good luck !!!
  12. Thanks, +1 for you....
  13. Well as the old saying goes for TRVs, "Buy a one way ticket to Canada, and you'll get an immediate one way ticket back home" :D

    Haha just kidding, bad joke I know.
  14. Ya it is a bad joke...
  15. I want to revive this topic as I'm in the similar situation. My mom is planning to fly to Canada from Bangladesh next month on Super Visa for maximum duration. Note that, she came here first time back in 2012 on same visa only for 3 months. And her visa is still valid till Jan, 2017.

    Now, travel agencies/ airlines in Bangladesh won't sell one-way tickets to any one with non-immigrant visas. I don't find it suitable to buy a return ticket when I don't know exactly when she will return. It will be minimum for at least 1 year. Also financially, I cannot justify it as everyone here is saying.

    For example, a Turkish flight will cost the following:

    - USD $1800 (for an economy round trip from Dhaka, Bangladesh to Toronto, Canada starting on Oct, 2014 and returning on Sep, 2015 with penalty of $$$ for cancellation/refund; I'm guessing it will be at least $200 and whatever partial refund - no idea)
    - USD $1000 (each one way trip for either Dhaka - Toronto or Toronto - Dhaka on any time for next 1 year)

    So, I can pay 2 x $1000 = $2000 for 2 one-way tickets whenever necessary. Or, if I must buy return; it will cost me an extra $500 ($1800 + $200 penalty - $500 rough estimate of partial refund).

    Anyone has any idea how to proceed with buying one-way ticket? Will there be problem at POE for having one-way ticket even for Super Visa? Has anyone else faced similar difficulties and overcame them?

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