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Can I invest in Canada with 120 thousand CAD?

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by rtkwar, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. You are absolutely right. " immigration is a royal pain in the neck"

  2. Thanks for the replies
    I think that my heart will stop
    We want immigration together
    What about the study and then work?
    Is 120 thousand U.S. dollars is enough?
    What about opening a restaurant or a supermarket
    Is there a canadian immigration lawyer here can advise us?
    I need any hope

  3. You don't need a lawyer to tell you the basics - which is what we're doing.

    If your siblings are over the age of 18, they must immigrate separately.

    You holding a degree cannot immigrate with your mother or siblings except in extreme circumstances, like you are permanently disabled and unable to care for yourself.

    If you want to speak with a lawyer so badly, try googling one in the city you wish to move to and ask for a free consultation. They will do it over the phone or Skype and usually lasts 15 minutes no charge. Any adult sibling, they will probably tell you is an independant case and must have their own consultation.
  4. Depending on the location, owning those business might be possible. But I'm not sure it is possible for you to work there. Like I said before, you can talk to the owner of this forum! :D
  5. You Sure From That rock_khan
  6. Wrong. To qualify for Entrepreneur - you still need to be able to make an investment of $800K in Canada and have a net worth of $1.6 million.
  7. i will immigrate to Somal :-\
  8. no any way for that?
    like study or something
    (i need dirty and smart lawyer for find way)
  9. Using a "dirty and smart" lawyer can also get you banned from Canada.

    You can apply as a student like everyone else. If you go that route, you can go to school in Canada, then work temporarily after graduation if you qualify. Then you may be able to get a PR as a CEC class. Depending on where you live, you may be able to help your siblings immigrate but that's not a sure thing either.

    Canada does go as far as to revoke citizenship on people who have lied to get their status. It's not a good idea. Not to mention, if you find a lawyer that's willing to lie and cheat immigration, that lawyer will also be willing to lie and cheat YOU, take your money, and disappear!
  10. I mean that the lawyer may find one thing in the law help me
  11. In my experience, the help on this board is better than a lawyer. I've talked to lawyers about immigration before and their advice was crap compared to the knowledge here - and this is FREE.

    You can always find a lawyer who will say yes. They want your cash, nothing more. Some will say yes just to get your money. They will tell you whatever you want to hear.

    If you're truly interested in studying in Canada, your 120,000 CAD will help you prove you can support yourself while in Canada and help get a study permit. (Your test scores will determine some as well as your background.) Then you can get a degree that will help you find a job in Canada. You could even try a diploma as a legal assistant, which is much cheaper than a bachelor's degree. With your law degree, it would be easy for you to do.
  12. You are right and +1 from me.
  13. Good advice,
    How much will it cost me?
  14. It depends on what college/university you pick and what program you pick. I recommend going to a college and doing a diploma program 2-3 year program, getting your PGWP, working for one year, then trying to get CEC PR. That's generally cheaper than a university, although you could look into getting a master's degree to compliment your current degree if you're interested.

    Before you ask more about this, you need to figure out a) where you want to live in Canada; b) what you want to study. We cannot decide that for you and in order to give you more helpful advice, you need to narrow the field. It might be helpful to go into the student section and read the threads about different schools and programs.

  15. thank you now i find hope

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