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Can I invest in Canada with 120 thousand CAD?

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by rtkwar, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. We are a family we would like to immigrate to Canada
    We have about 120 thousand CAD
    Is it enough to invest and get permanent residency and then citizenship?

  2. The Investor program isn't currently open


    Also, you must have a minimum worth of 1.6 million CAD and an upfront investment of $800,000 CAD.

  3. oh, :eek:
    MY Heart I will Die
  4. You can keep updated with the program at the link above. You can also check to see if you qualify under another program here:

  5. Not as investors.

    As amikety explained, you need far more money to qualify under the investor program.

  6. how we can immigrate we family (my Mum - brothers and sisters)?
    any suggestions?
  7. There are still many direct routes to immigrate. just read the cic website for options.

    There are indirect routes too. For example, being international students in Canada and then immigrate...
  8. If you use the link I gave you in my second post, it will tell you how you're eligible.

    If your siblings are all over 18, they most likely will have to immigrate independantly of each other. There are very few options to sponsor adult children/siblings.... very, very few.
  9. @rtkwar : Well with just 120,000$ you can apply as an ETNERPRENUR but it will take around 75 months (more than 6 years) for the process to complete,or if you are qualified and your profession meets the required criteria of CIC than you can apply under SKILLED WORKERSm,which will not take more tha 14 months ............. BEST OF LUCK !
  10. The Skiller Worker program currently isn't open. We are getting hints of how the new problem will operate, but there isn't any hard evidence yet, such as which Skilled Workers will be recruited.
  11. Thanks for all the responses, but I graduated from the Faculty of Law and received a Bachelor of Law
    From Egypt
    I do not think that my specialization required in Canada
  12. If anyone here immigration lawyer
    I can send the details in a private message to him
    In order to advise me
  13. The owner of this forum is immigration lawyer. :D
  14. Apart from the fact that they now require about 400,000 CAD for investors, having that sum of money alone is not enough. They require far more money and possessions than the amount you are about to invest. Yes, immigration is a royal pain in the neck.

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