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Can I give fingerprints before I receive fingerprint request letter from IRCC?


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May 29, 2019
Hello Everyone,

I will soon be eligible to apply for citizenship and I am trying to take measures at least from my side to minimize any delays. Reading through this forum, I understood that some folks received request from IRCC to submit fingerprints (I am not really not sure of the rationale why few are receiving and others are not :confused:).
  • Can we give fingerprints as soon as we submit the application? I am planning to apply online.
    • If yes, may I know the process and how can we submit them to the IRCC? Like do we inform IRCC through a webform that I took fingerprints or should I inform the local police station or RCMP (whoever took my fingerprints) to send them to IRCC?
Any insights would be much appreciated. Thank You!