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Can I get OSAP with spouse?

Discussion in 'Education' started by Cacoder, Oct 21, 2018.

  1. I wondering.

    My spouse and I have very little income.
    We want to enroll in a university to find a job in the future.
    Is OSAP available to only one of the couple?
    Or can they be offered to two people each?

    Is OSAP offered only once when you enter?
    Or while I attend school, can I apply again once a year?

    If I do not have an income but have a house, will OSAP support decrease?

    If someone knows, please let me know.
  2. Are you and your spouse citizens or PRs living in Ontario? OSAP is a loan program. A student is allowed to borrow certain amount per year (up to a total maximum amount) based on their family assets and what courses they are enrolled in. The money is usually not enough to support all your expenses. You will have to pay back the loan with interest once you stop attending school so make sure you are studying something that will allow you to pay back your loans.
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  3. Yes, you and your spouse are PR in Ontario.
    I know OSAP is basically a loan concept.
    I wondering,

    I and my spouse be able to use it together at the same time,
    and can you tell me if OSAP can apply for it every year?
  4. Yes both you and your spouse qualify to apply for OSAP. I can't comment on whether you will be approved and for how much. Yes you can get OSAP every year that you are in school up to a maximum total amount. OSAP amount usually doesn't cover all your study and living costs.
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  5. Thank you, you are my Savior.
    Other than that, I think I can investigate.
    I hope you will always be happy.
  6. OSAP is just not a loan program. Depending of your situation a signification portion of the OSAP funding is a grant you do not need to repay. Both your wife and yourself can apply. Six months after graduation you will need to start repaying the loan portion.
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  7. Thank you, BC4life!
    I know for sure thanks to you. I will ask the government for this.
    Thanks for giving me your time.
  8. I was enrolled in college right out of high school and had an OSAP loan of about $4000. I did not finish that year since my family decided to relocate to their home country and I have been living outside of Canada for about 8 years.

    I am currently sponsoring my spouse to Canada and I am planning to pay back the loan as soon as possible however my spouse would like to attend College since his credentials from Nicaragua will not be of much use to him there.

    Will my loan affect his ability to be approved? I have searched for this information but have not found much, all I know is at the time of application for OSAP they only ask for spouse name and address but not much else. Not really sure what else they consider.
  9. This is a bit of a rare situation. Students who abandon their student loans usually have no intention of ever returning. Would anticipate that it could be an issue. Best to be proactive and try to contact them and create a payment plan.
  10. I see you or your partner are planning on attending college soon. Do you have the funds to pay for the course? If not you should be contacting OSAP first to see if they will lend you money before signing up for some courses. It looks like you also took out a 2nd student loan. Family income is part of the application so chances are your partner may be denied.
  11. Thanks for the information

    I only have one loan from back in 2009 before I moved. I am going to be taking courses but will be paying for them myself. Just wanted to know for him if it would be an option what he will be studying is pretty expensive and the savings we have will be for getting settled once we move back.

    Hopefully once I get back I can get that set up and it won't impact his ability to study.
  12. Hi, i am currently applying for Osap. I have been in Canad for two months. I am having difficulty completing the form regarding income outside Canada. If somebody knows how much should i put? The amount that I declared in permanent residence aplication?

    Thank you so much
  13. Unfortunately if you abandon loans there are repercussions. You may have to delay studies until you can repay the loans plus penalties.
  14. Not sure what the confusion is. The application explains what is required like your yearly income from a certain year in Canadian dollars even if was earned overseas. Any assets including savings. Just follow the application.
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  15. Thank you anyways

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