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can anyone tell me is this job offer letter is real or fake

Discussion in 'Canadian Labour Legislation' started by Jeno Christon, Dec 29, 2018.

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  2. i received offer letter from http://vansstores.ca/ .
    can you tell me whether there is any supermarket named vansstores is in yukon territory (whitehorse)
  3. It's not relevant. That job offer is as fake as a $3 Bill..
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  5. Hey guys! What do you think about this one?
    Hello candidate
    Thank you for contacting the Employment Recruitment Services at the St. Regis Hotel, Canada. St. Regis Hotel is pleased to receive an email from you. Our policy is to offer similar employment opportunities to all qualified people, regardless of race, creed, color, age, nationality, ascending, send your resume, we recommend this email with an attachment to your resume, physical disability or veterans of the health condition. . . . The policy is modified in relation to citizenship and national origin due to compliance with the Canadian Employment Opportunity Commission.
    If you have already submitted your resume, the manager is analyzing your resume at the recruiting position, the guarantee that your job opportunity is at the St. Regis Hotel depends solely on your qualifications.
    But not yet.
    Answer the following questions so that the option continues with more information about its approval.
    one). What position do you want?
    two). What is the desired starting salary?
    3). Are you currently married? If so, how many children do you have?
    4). Are you willing to travel alone or with your partner?
    5). Is working? If so, why does your real employer stop?
    6). Are you looking for a full-time or part-time job?
    7). Are you ready to work from Monday to Friday?
    8). Have you been convicted of a crime? (This will not only affect your
    If so, describe the conditions.
    9). Do you have a valid passport and a national identity card?
    10) Can you pay the cost of your work / travel documents to Canada?
    eleven). What is your country of origin?
    12). Date and place of birth?
    13). Your current address
    14). Your phone and your mobile?
    fifteen). Are you willing and ready to move if you hire for this job?
    Sixteen). What languages can you consult and write?
    I am sorry for all the questions, but we have our policies and we would like to know everything about a person before hiring him at the St. Regis Hotel. Keep in mind that you do not need anything more than the truth and the honest answers of the previous question. If you speak English, you can respond in English to facilitate communication between the two.
    Thank you for your understanding and I hope to hear again.
    My greetings.
    Mr. Jeremy Roncoroni
    Recruitment manager
    Hotel 2018 St. Regis
    Tell him: +1 (240) 804-7378
    Whatsapp: +1 (240) 804-7378
    Website: www.stregishotelsltd.byethost33.com
  6. No no no no no no..
  7. I don't understand how anyone could fall for these scams. They are ridiculous
  8. People are desperate. It's really as simple as that. They see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and immediately switch off the reality filters.
    A lack of basic due-diligence doesn't help matters either. It takes us 30 seconds to know it's a scam and maybe 5 minutes to actually prove it.
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  9. Do
    Do you blame them though? Alot have no experience, and just need guidance.
  10. A lot of these scams are very easy to spot for anyone, not just us. People just turn off whatever common sense they have

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