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Calgary/Edmonton: Rental housing close to Asian community

Discussion in 'Housing' started by Tapak, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. Cool let me know if you I would like to know first hand about Edmonton, Good Luck!
  2. Oh really!!! I thought Alberta Goverment will cancel the green card of everybody who doesn't eat Pork Chops and Beef steaks!!!!
    That is biggest reason why Bob Dhillon type real estate barrons became Billionaire. here you go http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Singh_Dhillon


    Bob know that certain people just wanna live in a community even they have to pay more..
  3. I read the Asian community its quite big in Alberta with almost 3% of the population (it doesn't sound much, but is the second biggest there) and also Calgary has one of the biggest historical chinatowns. I don't know where from Asia are you, but I think I'd not be so hard to find what you are looking for. I also have a friend from work who is from Alberta, I could ask him too, although I can't be to obvious because I haven't tell them Im planning to move out of the US.
    I have another link for housing.

    By the way, John your comment seemed very rude, I hope you didn't mean it that way, and in that case I don't mean what Im about to say  but if you did...
  4. Honey:

    Flori I liked your shut and F**ck statement for john. What part of Asia you are from?
  5. Flori, its easy talking the way you do on a forum, and there is no need for that kind of response from your side.

    First of all, John simply asked two intelligent questions which, I think was on the tip of others tongues. Tapak answered in a gentleman fashion. John did not cast an opinion. Read the post once again.

    Also, like many people looking for a new life in a new country, our main aim is to integrate with Canadians and get to know their way of living. I have spent a large part of my life with Asians and have many good friends in this community, however, integration is not their biggest strength whether you care to admit it or not.

    Not living outside of an Asian community because of diet is nonsense. I can understand the cultural aspects though! However, get to know others and they can also learn from you.

    By the way this post is not intended to offend anyone.
  6. Oh. Thanks for the interesting info on Calgary rentals!
  7. Folks,

    I did some research on Calgary areas to live in from schooling point of view. I analysed performance of school based on school performance (http://www.cbe.ab.ca/results/achtest.asp). Brentwood tops the list while Bowness was not bad as well.

    I intend to rent for the first year. I will buy a house if my monetary (job) situation, housing prices and mortgage favorable rates are all in row.

    Above opinion is based on my research on internet. People who know Calgary better, please chime in thoughts.

    I am getting closer to PR, just got my medicals done yesterday.

  8. Good to hear Taps! Not long to go.

    All the best with this!
  9. Is there any body in this forum who applied in 2009 for Nomination and has recieved Certificate?
  10. I did, but I haven't received nomination yet.
  11. Hi Tapak,

    From my research, Calgary is more of an oil and gas region while Edmonton is more of administrative/ government jobs. I found out that there is a large concentration of Indians in NorthEast Outer suburbs of Calgary while the Northewest Outer suburbs of Calgary has a large concentration of Chinese. You said you are from Asia. Any of these regions are well suited for you if you are either Indian or Chinese.

    However, it might be a catch 22 situation for you. Most of what I have read about the NorthEast region is not very positive. The Northwest is not too bad, I have heard.

    The best region seems to be the Southwest(also the least diverse culturally) followed by the Southeast , then Northwest , and Northeast. I am not from Canada, I live in the USA right now, and I know what it is to be a new immigrant in another country. I have found the Indians to be a cohesive set of people and that is very commendable, because in a new land, one needs a support system. I do not know if you are Indian or not, but I heard that Canadians are generally welcoming to new immigrants. I am landing next month and I have visited Canada a few times and I had very positive experiences with the Canadians. So you may not need to be too particular about living in an Asian Community.

    However, if you are, the Northeast or the Northwest would be your best bet. Especially, since you talk about food and cultural beliefs. I wish you the best in your search for a new home.

    Will send you a link in my next post.
  12. Hi Tapak,

    The links I promosed to send are as ff:





    These are very insightful websites. You will find info about areas, diversity and culture. Hope this helps.
  13. Hello Deeone,

    Thanks a lot for posting the links about each quadrants of Calgary city.

    I am Indian. I see that Indians have presence across all quadrants. For now I have shortlisted two areas based on the schools - first choice is Brentwood followed by Bowness.

    If I get landing visa by June '09, I will be able to move this year summer or else I will have to wait until end of academic year 2009-2010.

    I have worked, and still am, with couple of canadians from Edmonton, AB and Markham, ON. They are warm and more family oriented than people here in USA (didn't mean any offences to fellow Americans). It is just my observation and it needn't be true for all.

    One observation - It seems Northwest is better connected to other parts than Northeast corridor.

    Well your links gave me a good understanding of Calgary to start with. Once I reach there, I will rent apartment for a year or two while I do thorough study of areas before buying a house.

    Thanks again!
  14. Hello Tapak,

    I am glad you found the links useful. We are all set to land next month as soon as my kids are on summer break. I know this is not the education thread but I am also keen on finding out about schools. I live in Texas now and here the schools are rated from top to bottom as exemplary, recognized or acceptable. So one can tell which schools are the best from these ratings.

    In Canada however, I noticed that such ratings are not used. Hence, I guess one has to rely on external rankings to determine the best schools. Have you heard of the TLC schools in Calgary though? I heard from some sources that they are very good. TLC stands for Traditional Learning Schools and are created by the Calgary Board of Education. I heard that they are also very competitive. Are Brentwood and Bowman in this category?
    Please keep me posted. I will also do some research concerning this.I have an 8yr old and a 6yr old. They attend exemplary schools here in the US, so we are also very particular about neighborhood and schools.

    I also have a link that I forgot to include yesterday. It is a good area known as Calgary-Edmonton Corridor but is not part of the quadrants. You may check out the link below.


    It is the most urbanized area in the region as of now.

    I hope you find it useful too and please keep me posted about schools if you find out anything.

  15. Hi Deeone,

    I live in Austin, Texas. Schools are really good and haven't had to worry much about my boys education. I did some research on TLC schools. Here are some URLs that you may find having useful information:

    Only thing I am worried about is that my boys may not make it to TLC for coming academic year.
    "The registration process for the Traditional Learning Centre programs begins the second week of January at all sites. Applications will be accepted on an equal basis between January 12 and March 13. The registration process needs to be completed by the end of March 13 in order to be included in the lottery draw to be held in mid-March at each individual school (if needed). "

    Also, the regular schools performance can be found at

    It seems I have missed the bus for this year.

    Keep posted.


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