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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by lapula, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. Thank you , am a NBPNP applicant under Express Entry. Follow up with email , the receptionist won't transfer your call to the visa officers.
    Good Luck
  2. I am under spousal sponsorship . it has been 16 months waiting . 5 months ago I was pending security clearance . anyone has been pending security clearance ? look forward to anyone who could help

    Best Regards .
    Good luck all .
  3. My estimated time now on website 59 days my current status now you passed the medical exam and all the other process like background check and the eligibility other staff we the massage is that we reviewing and we processing its all frizz since i passed the medical exam 2 month ago
  4. Any updates bro ?!
  5. Hello folks,
    My status on ECAS changed from in process into decision made and they claimed that they sent me a correspondence on July 2nd!!! I received nothing and I checked both the inbox and spam folders!!! What should I do next?
    Can anyone help me with that?I sent them an email explaining the whole story but no response!
    I think the missing email is possibly the PPR!!
    I also made a case specific enquiry through the web form
    Is there anything else I can do? Like a number to call?
    Appreciate your help
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    Hi Guys,

    my spouse application was 100% full and complete.
    She made the medical in May until now nothing on ECAS except Medical result received . NOT PASSED YET!!!
    Today, I got weird e-mail from them
    They `re asking of copy of passport , and non-computerized marriage certificate >>> but all these stuff was included in the mail with application package

    i thought they might missed up with these two documents , ok
    but listen to this
    in the Generic Application for the applicant herself , there`s many pages and questions, one of them was about height, and eye colour
    Guess what , he asked me in that e-mail , please indicate her height and eye colour , When I checked my own copy of application found I answered these.
    What that all means????
    They lost these papers?
  7. Not yet , How about you ?
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    Don't try to figure out why they ask even if you delivered all those information before , Just deliver it to them . I think it is good sign that they ask for copy of biopage passport ,eye color as well height . The most important you must send all in the requested time . How long time did they give you to deliver this ? your medical was in May 2019 or 2018 ? when did you start application so that I can help you ?
    copy of passport , and non-computerized marriage certificate copy of passport >>> Don't worry they didn't mess up with old papers Trust me .
  9. 1-Email CVO Immediately explaining them what happened .
    2- Usually CVO send kind of last email in your SPAM :( . Make sure to check it well .
    3- Decision Made is final step before PPR
    4- Stay Tuned , Good luck .
  10. Hello guys,
    I've exceeded my 12 months (july 3rd applicant) (sponsoring my husband) and we only knew today that our application is in Cairo. How is this VO? Slow, very slow?
    One more thing, I'm trying to send a web form, but its not working. Can anyone help me please
    Thank you
  11. 1- You must apply for NOTES
    2- Here you are , Cairo Web Form
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  12. They gave 15 days to send them by e-mail , i dont have copy of them , so i ll make brand new translations.
    her medical was 2 month ago
    we sent application in Nov 2018
    Today we got letter of pre-arrival service , but not passport request yet looks it good news so far!!
  13. Nothing
    Countdown 43 days :(
  14. 1- Totally fine , you have Normal procedures as well good sign for Pre-arrival which means your eligibility is done so far .
    2- Strongly recommend , you to apply for NOTES to check How things is going further .
    3- I am sure you are in safe side after Pre-arrival . This happens the same with me , then I applied for Notes to check about security and criminality .
    4- if security or criminality not started yet upon Notes , Recommend to SEND CVO email figuring out .Usually they work this way , you have to alarm them .
    5- Did you travel abroad many countries before ? If NOT . then I have huge desire that you will get your PRR email pretty soon .
    6- Good luck my friend

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