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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by lapula, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. Nothing for me, did you get an update?
  2. Guys please whoever dealt with Cairo embassy in the last few months update us of the outcome of your application, they keep telling me to refer to Canada for ppr email, did anyone get the same reply or where does everyone stand?
  3. Hi guys

    i am a canadian citizen, i just got married here in cairo, i was wondering if anyone of you knows how to obtain a marriage certificate? i was told to get via ministry of justice, but my wife doesnt have iqama aka residency, she is a refugee from somalia. i heard there's another way to get it which is from court. just wondering if this will be accepted by CIC?
  4. As long as it has an official stamp and and English or translated it is fine
  5. Tyb Now , I have been 15 months since I applied on Family Sponsorship March 2018 . What shall I do ? Any recommendation .
  6. Unfortunately nothing at all... ‍♀️ Last official correspondence was the letter about transfer in January to PA, I got a the notice about the transfer as a sponsor in December ... as soon as we have reached the full 12 months we’ll start emailing. Maybe EVERY DAY lol. We feel that they’re wasting our time and haven’t seen any progress.
  7. Have you applied for your GCMS notes? It costs $5 and takes a month to be delivered but hopefully it will shed some light on your situation. Best of luck!
  8. I called them and they said they finished everything on their end and we have to wait for Canadas immigration to send us to send in our passports to get the Visa, this info is incorrect as it should be issued by Cairo. Our file is stuck in Cairo due to their lack of knowledge
  9. Are you family sponsorship case? What date did immigration receive your file and when was it transferred to Cairo? What number did you use to call them? Sorry for all the questions... it’s so frustrating and quiet!
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  11. Yes I did , I am waiting their answer . I hope we all hear good news soon . Anyone gets update please share with us . Seems people get update but mostly don't say lol ... have best of luck all ... this is the main reason why we here on this forum .
  12. Hi guys,

    Not sure how many people have had any luck with the Cairo Visa office but my husband had an u terview a few days ago. He said the lady was really nice and the interview was over an hour and half. He said he felt confident and comfortable but at the end of the interview she said she will be looking over all the papers and getting back to him with a decision with 3 weeks.
    My question is should I be worried because she didn't approve him on the spot. She told him to take his passport and photos that they may be needed for a later step.

    Thanks for your help guys.
  13. Thanks for sharing! How long was it between scheduling of the interview and the actual interview? Was the interviewer Canadian or Egyptian? Your case has been ongoing since March of 2018, right? Just trying to get some sense of any Cairo timelines... the good thing in your case is that he got the interview and it’s usually the last step in determining the eligibility. You should be hearing something soon. All the best to you and your husband!
  14. I just received my CoPR after I had been requested to submit my PPT 10 days ago.
    By the way , Cairo VO need follow up; they sent the PPR 1 day after my email requesting an update on my file.
    Good Luck everyone :)
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    Congrats :) finally good news from Cairo VO . are you under family sponsorship or Express Entry ? . wish you all good luck :)

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