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C-6 Citizenship Applications, Frequently Asked Questions

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by spyfy, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. 6) yes if it was your name from birth
    9) the day of landing. It is also printed on the back or your PR card.
    10) yes
    11) yes
    13) yes
    14a) I assume you have an indian passport. list it here.
  2. Sounds good. Before you send it off, don't forget the box of chocolate for the case worker in Sydney :)
  3. It could be a reason to return it, but it's an unlikely reason. I don't see what you can do about it right now.
  4. Q1: Count the days in the other country since October 12 2013. If it's less than 183 days, you don't need it.

    Q2: Yes you and your kids can apply now and your wife later. On the other hand, if you apply together things might be a bit easier organizationally. E.g. if you all apply together (in two months), you will probably get the same test dates, the same oath date etc. Makes it a bit easier to organize things. But that's your call.

    Also: 6-8 months for a PCC? Wow, that's crazy. That is really unfortunate.
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  5. Hi everyone,
    If i were to submit my application today and post a couple weeks i change my job.
    1. Do i need to inform CIC?
    2. Does that affect my application? (leaving my job after 6 months)

    I apologize if this is a very silly question.
  6. Doc's required are:-

    Bio Pages of passport
    PR Copy or Landing Paper
    Bachelors Degree in English
    Presence Calculator with Signature
    Payment Receipt

    Anything else?
  7. Thank you so much!
  8. Landing Paper is no longer required. You're missing Photocopy of personal identification, which would be covered if you include photocopy of PR Card. But you could include driver's licence and not include any PR related document. That's my understanding

  9. brilliant as usual @spyfy

    question 17,c for Quebec election. I dont live in quebec, do I have to put simply No or just leave it without an answer?
  10. Hey @spyfy ,
    Do I need to request my travel history thru CBSA if I don't have a record of all my entries/exits. ( as some stamps are missing on my passport).
    Thank you so much !
  11. I also have the same question or it doesn't matter if we are in Ontario.?


    For the English proof, If I have answered yes to question "Do I have a proof for English Language" i.e. my bachelors degree.
    Do I have to still answer no to the question below which says linc/ clic courses (I have not done any)?
  12. Great, Thanks! One more question: Once I was taking flight from my home country to toronto, and had a connection in Istanbul. There was some problem with connecting flight so we had to go out of airport and stay a night. Do I need to mention that in my detail section of physical presence as it mentions to put other country visited?
  13. If you didnt do these course during that period of time, simply answer NO
  14. Hello there, my eligibility period is 2012 Oct to 2017 Oct. I landed as PR in 2014 May and before that I have been in my home country.
    From what I understood from this forum is, I have to tick No and write an explanation. However in the calculator the last question, during your eligible period have you been out of Canada, if I say no its like am lying and if I say yes I have to say when I left and when have I returned. On the other hand, how can I leave Canada if I didnt even enter it before becoming a PR? What should I write?
    Also, during the entire eligibility period I have been a homemaker till now, so for question 11, I ticked unemployed, homemaker, but can I write not applicable for enter the details of employment and education history ?
    Thank you
  15. Your country of destination was turkey then. Write in the "reason" field:
    Layover in Istanbul, Turkey. Onward travel to Country X to visit family and friends.

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