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Buying a new house

Discussion in 'Housing' started by curious_toad, Jul 18, 2016.

  1. Hey All,

    Interested in buying a NEW house somewhere in Canada, which cities/towns have good appreciation of house prices.
  2. The only real information anyone here can provide is which cities have had good appreciation in housing prices in the past. As for the future, that's anyone's guess and by no means guaranteed. Some feel Canada's housing market is overheated and prices are going to level off or fall. Others believe prices are going to continue to rise. Sadly, none of us have a crystal ball.

    You can find historical data here: http://creastats.crea.ca/natl/index.htm
  3. Thanks.

    What is your opinion on: buying a ready made/built house that one likes - VS - buying a plot of land and building your home.
  4. Unless you're planning on living out in the middle of nowhere, it's generally not that easy to find a plot of land with nothing on it. If you want to build a house yourself, you would generally be buying a piece of land with a house already on it. You would then either have to demolish that house or build onto that house. Building a new house or building onto an existing house involves quite a bit of planning, understanding housing rules and regulations, ensuring you have the right permits, etc. Unless you have past experience building a house in Canada this isn't something I would suggest you do on your own (you should hire a general contractor to assist you).
  5. I like to add to what was previous said by scylla that if were to buy vacant land you must pay it cash as there is no mortgage for land.
    There are plenty of vacant lots and lots with old houses ready to be demolished in the GTA where I work.
    If you have the funds to build a custom home the only difference between buying a house already built and building your own is design and time.
    Here are some stats from the toronto real estate board that could help you in your decision.
    If like ti get more info about the GTA go to alrivas .com.
  6. NEW :) houses are evrywhere as Canada is extremely active building new housing everywhere.
    Your question have to be placed in context.
    1. Where do you want to live?
    2. How big you want it?
    3. Does it important if it is close to city center or not.
    4. Why you say NEW?
    Is 4 years old also new?
  7. 1. In a suburb within a radius of 30km from a major city like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, etc, far away from working class neighbourhoods.
    2. 2-3br ensuite with ample garden area.
    3. as per no. 1
    4. I do not want a home that has been lived in, even if for less than a year. Only want brand spanking new - untouched or "unlived" home.

    How do architects/home designers charge for their services.
  8. Vancouver is out the picture then.. no ample gardens anymore. How much money have you got?
  9. What's the reason? Coz that's where I was leaning towards considering it has more scenic surroundings compared to either Toronto or Montreal and would be good for family life.

    That's a bit of a personal question but lets just say money is a secondary factor.

    For me, I would prefer a neighbourhood that has the following:

    1. Educated and 'worked hard and achieved something meaningful in life' type of people as opposed to working class or college graduates or even the super rich glamour type.
    2. Families - young or old does not matter so long as my kids and wifey can have a sense of belonging and are happy.
    3. Owners make efforts to maintain their property periodically to keep the property values high in that area.
    4. Not too congested even by North American standards.
  10. The reason for no big lots? Everyone subdivided their lots for the mighty dollar. So within 30kms it will be hard to find what you want.

    All these areas are densely populated: https://www.google.ca/maps/@49.1937085,-122.8472024,11z

    your no 1 will be impossible to find, we have all types of people everywhere here. By the way, be careful when you make a distinction between educated and working class..we will think of you as an arrogant "*&*%". It will not go down well with people here..

    Best is you come personally to check things out.. To give advise on the internet can be disappointing at times.
  11. I live in the suburbs within 30km radius of downtown Vancouver and I can say there are still plenty of potentials for new homes with ample garden. Every month, there are new homes with ample garden for sale.
  12. Well Steaky, define ample.. for me ample is 1 acre and more.
  13. Hi
    curious_toad my advice to you is talk to a realtor in the city you want to live in.
    Is all about $money if you have money then all what you want in a house can be done.
    Here in toronto the average price for an architect to do your drawings and work on your building permit is $6000.

  14. Thank you. Let me just say since I don't live in Canada, the problem comes when Canadian real estate agents see a foreign number and hear an 'unfamiliar' accent, they just play hardball with you, and you get nothing out of it except international calling charges.

    1) which cities/parts of Canada would offer something for those who like outdoors/nature/amenities like sports clubs, etc. and,
    2) which cities/parts of Canada to avoid due to industry and pollution, generally dull and boring environment, etc.

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