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Brother Visitor Visa

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Babbu Brar, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Me and my sister are Permanent Residents of Canada. My mother also got 10 year TRV on my convocation.
    Now i am getting Engaged in December , So i want to invite my brother ( Elder but not married yet) who is 29 years old on my special day. He is doing Dairy Farming from last two years and helping my father in Agriculture.
    Documents he is going to submit:
    1. House Evaluation Papers ( 90 Lakhs Rupees)
    2. Tax
    3. J Forms of my father
    4. Affidavit from my Father to support
    5. Dairy Farming Income
    6. Bank Statement( $20,000)

    I am sending an Invitation Letter to invite him on my Engagement.I have $12000 in my account. I will submit Hall Booking, Invitation Letter, Bank Statement and other docs (Passport, PR Card Etc.)

    Going to apply within few days please let me know if i can add any other documents to support him or to make his case strong.
    Also let me know what are the chances according to your experience?
    Thanks in Advance!!!
  2. Is the house legally owned by your brother? If yes, did he purchase it with income that he earned (after paying taxes) or was it transferred to his name and when?

    Your brother's tax returns, right? Tax returns for the last 2 years, right?

    It's your brother's application. So your dad's documents cannot be included.

    Does not work.

    What documents will he submit for this?

    Was the money in his bank account earned by your brother + taxes paid on it?

    1. When is your marriage scheduled?

    2. Has your brother traveled to visa-required countries?

    3. Does your brother hire any workers? Does he have credit cards with a significant spending limit? Does he have any loans/mortgages?
  4. Hi Bryanna,

    What are the possibilities of visa approval?
    Or we should add any other information.
  5. 1. Does your brother hire any workers?

    2. Does he have credit cards with a significant spending limit?

    3. Does he have any loans/mortgages?

    4. Does your brother have financial investments?

    1. Unless your brother has documents to prove the is an employee of your dad's agriculture business, your dad's documents do not help.

    2. It would be obvious that the property was transferred to *create* a tie = Trying too hard to get a TRV approval

    3. Thailand and Malaysia don't count as travel history

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