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Bridging Work Permit

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by hsocs_12, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. Hi,

    I submitted my PR application in Dec 10, 2018. My Post grad Open work permit (PGWP) is going to expire soon in June 16, 2019. So I am planning to apply for BOWP.
    There are a few question in the IMM 5710 form that I am not sure how to answer . Please correct me if I am wrong with any answers. I would greatly appreciate any kind of help .

    Q3 I am applying for one or more of the following:
    a. A work permit with the same employer
    b. An initial work permit or a work permit with a new employer
    c. Restoration of your status as a worker
    d. Temporary resident permit

    (I am a post grad open work permit holder working for the same employer for more than a year, therefore I am inclined to choose option a. However I am thinking that option a would be suitable for applicants that hold a closed work permit or a job offer with LMIA [which I do not have]. In that case ,should I pick option b instead? )
    For a open work permit holder, does it really matter whether I pick option a or b?

    Under details of intended work in Canada:

    Q1 What type of work permit are you applying for:
    Answer: Open Work Permit
    -The guide instructions provided in the CIC website, indicate the following:
    "If you chose “Open work permit” or post-graduation work permit no information is required for question: 2,3,4,6,7,8."

    This means I still need to answer question 5:
    Q5 Duration of expected employment
    Is it acceptable to put for example a year from today's date? What do you advise?

    Other questions:
    According to the instructions on the CIC website, I need to submit my AOR letter as part of the application documents, using the “Letter of Explanation” field (when applying online).
    - Do I actually need to include a letter of explanation indicating that I am applying for a BOWP or do I just upload the AOR?

    Thanks a lot
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  2. Even I am looking to apply for BOWP, but dont know where to start.

    I was told to wait until I have cleared 1st phase of confirmation like R10 or something.

    Which I am not sure of yet.
  3. you can only know that by getting gcms notes...R10 usually takes 1-3 months from AOR
  4. your PGWP is open right? you can work for any employer..I remember I chose option b even though I was still working for the same employer

    Q1 just open work permit, no need to file info for the employer section

    you need to submit AOR in a client info or additional document section (where you have an option to do it, I dont remember exactly..)
  6. Thanks.

    I Will speak to IRCC agent then I think thats better.
  7. Thanks,

    I will speak to IRCC agent.

    Can you provide number if you it.
  8. Hi Hscos

    Hi there,

    Did you ever get answers to these questions? I am at the same stage and dont know the answers. Coukd you please share what you finally did and was that accepted? Mainly Q3 and Q5. Thank you in advance

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