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Bridge open wok permit (Bowp)

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by taher.bayadwala, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. Hello Everyone,
    I have a bit complicated case here.
    My work permit expired in July.
    Before expiry, I did file for a work permit extension and waiting for a decision on it.

    Now I have my ITA and received AOR.
    I want to file for a BOWP, but when I try to do it online, the system doesn't allow me as it says I am already past 90days from the date of the expiry of my work permit.
    How do I tell the system that I am already on an implied status and waiting for a decision?

    I was informed that I can still file for BOWP before a decision on the WP extension is out.

    Please advise.
  2. Check it out: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/corporate/publications-manuals/operational-bulletins-manuals/temporary-residents/foreign-workers/provincial-nominees-permanent-resident-applicants/bridging-open-work-permits.html

    I'm not sure whether you are eligible for BOWP because you applied for this BEFORE you got iTA and AoR. Based on my knowledge learnt from IRCC's website, BOWP is for you if:
    • you applied for permanent residence
    • your current work permit expires in 4 months or less
    • you have valid status on your work permit
    • you are currently in Canada

  3. If you are on implied status you cannot apply for BOWP as your WP has expired and you haven’t received your new WP and neither your new WP will not expire within the next 4 months.
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  4. DO CSE (case specific inquiry and sent your AOR for work permit application file using web form)...There might be hope
  5. when I open the web form, what option do I need to select as there is no option for work permit in the drop down.
  6. Use temporary residence (online)...
    Sorry for late response
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  7. No worries. Thank you for the suggestion.

    I did get my work permit approval for another one year :)

    Thanks for all the help everyone
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  8. You can always apply a paper based bowp application. It will take longer to be processed but you will be able to at least go around the loop of the expired wp being an issue with the submission for bowp.
  9. Hello, I am on the same boat. I applied for an extension on my Post graduate open work permit in Aug which also expired in Aug, received ITA and AOR in Dec. I applied by paper so my work permit application has not been processed yet. My lawyer has updated my work permit extension with the AOR. He said it is now depends on luck. Reading about your case gives me hope!

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