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BOWP - Processing time?

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by gcastrobh, Oct 31, 2019.

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    Did anybody here apply for BOWP?
    I applied on September 07, 2019 - no news after it.
    Wondering how long it is taking...

    My CEC is in MEP since October, 01 (AOR 07/Sep).

    I need my BOWP paper to renew my OHIP :(
  2. Same as work permit extension timeline - 115 days
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  3. I applied for BOWP on June 16th. It was approved on October 9th.
    Current processing time is 5+ months.
    Bowp is considered to be work permit extension.
  4. Thanks, I need my BOWP paper to renew my OHIP :(
  5. It's a long wait. You cannot renew your OHIP with just your AOR for BOWP or PR. You need to have a valid document, saying this because I went through this and had to get travel insurance for my coverage.
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  6. I'm on the same boat. Applied for BOWP and waiting. OHIP expired a few days ago and had to buy private insurance for this gap.
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  7. Hi,
    I submitted my BOWP last October 24. 2019. However, my lawyer told me to use new work permit application because my previous work permit is PGWP. I'm confused now whether I did the correct option. Thanks
  8. So you applied for both BOWP & WP application?
  9. Hi,
    I only applied for BOWP.
  10. You need to wait for at least 3 months to hear a response. They are currently processing applications from mid-July.
  11. How do you know they are currently processing applications from mid-July?
  12. Check other threads on the forum.
  13. Hi,

    Thank you, I'm just worried about the option Work permit extension or New Work Permit. I'm just hoping the lawyer did the right assessment
  14. My guess is your application falls under WP extension as you mentioned you had a PGWP.

    Telling this out of my experience - I changed employer and was considering it as a new WP in Canada. But CIC decided that it is a WP extension and took 110 days to process it.
    When I asked CIC what falls under WP extension they mentioned - BOWP, change of employer WP, PGWP

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