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BC PNP January and February 2018 ITA Join HERE!!

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by ejsr13, Mar 9, 2018.

  1. Please let's share our current timelines.

    BC PNP SI International Graduate ITA: 28th February 2018 with 82 pts.
    Documents submitted to BC PNP: 13 March 2018.
    More Documents required:......
    BC PNP Nomination:.....
  2. EE BC PNP Skilled Workers (NOC-2171 Tech Pilot)
    ITA: 17 Jan with 124 pt
    Documents Submitted: 22 Jan
    More Documents required:......
    BC PNP Nomination:.....
  3. Just to share my timeline for EEBC- skill worker for NOC0:
    Submit intent: Nov 21, 2017
    ITA: Nov 22, 2017
    Applied AOR: Dec 14, 2017
    no more docs required
    status in process and still Waiting ....
    G from Italy
  4. Thanks for sharing. It has been more than 3 month for you.
    I hope you'll get it soon.
    Please keep up posted.
  5. Hi all, My timeline below:
    EE BCPNP Nominated: FEB 02, 2018
    EE ITA RECEIVED: FEB 07, 2018
    AOR: FEB 12TH, 2018
    ADR: FEB 21, 2018
    MED PASS: MARCH 19, 2018
  6. Hi,
    when did you submit EEBCPNP?
    Thanks a lot
    G from Italy

  7. Jan 4th 2018
  8. Thanks for sharing Sam.
    So you got it in less than one month. Good job!
    May I ask you which one was your score?
    I am trying really to understand how they process the applications since there is not visibility on that; it seems, for example, that giannimax has been waiting for more than 3 months now. i have been waiting for 2 months today.
    Do you believe that there is a ranking system or it is by luck or there are maybe companies (employers) with priority....

    Thanks for your thoughts and good luck for your PR.
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  9. Thanks Sam,
    I really don't know what's happening to my BCPNP application.
    EEBC - skilled worker for NOC0
    Submit intent: Nov 21, 2017
    ITA: Nov 22, 2017
    Applied AOR: Dec 14, 2017
    no more docs required
    status in process and still Waiting ... Already over three months..
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  10. ITA: Nov 1, 2017
    Applied AOR: Nov 13th, 2017
    no more docs required
    status in process last month
    its been over 4 months i don't know whats happening and i even emailed them and they said your case is under review
  11. I have grade 12 education plus Trade certificate from Rural Development of Govt of Haryana- India for 1 year.

    Will I be consider with 11 points for education or 2 for non-trade certificate. Planning to apply as Construction worker

    Any education agency like WES, do you think can evaluate/assess Trade education in Canada

    Also if I do assessment for my education, can i get extra 4 points (WES). I know, WES will not assess trade certificate.
  12. Are you an Inland applicant? I think my PNP application processed quick because I live in BC and have a valid job offer. Or maybe pure luck. Not sure
  13. Yes. Inland applicant and living in BC. I do have a job offer. Maybe your score was higher than 124
  14. You're right Sam
    In my opinion there are two factors:

    1) I'm outland
    2) It depends from the officer

    My score was 108. I have a job offer with a positive LMIA.

    My consultant wrote an e-mail asking for my application process on 22nd of March. He got only a confirmation receipt.
    This is a little bit weird. My fellings are that they are finalising the process.
    I keep you updated
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  15. Hi guys,

    I just want to share my timeline.
    BC EE PNP Skilled Worker

    Documentation submiit: 12th Dec
    Add documentationsubmit: Feb

    Still waiting..... over 3month...

    Is there anyone waiting over 3month
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