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BC PNP 2018 September join here

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by BC-PNP, Sep 19, 2018.

  1. Hi All,

    I recently got my PR through BC PNP. If you guys have any doubts regarding BC PNP or PR please message in this thread. I can try to help as much as I can. I was not able to find any proper updated thread regarding BC PNP.
  2. Hi, I have 80 score.
    Is there any chance of getting ITA?
  3. Hi. I am not sure in which category you are (I mean skilled worker, international graduate, semi skilled, or express entry). BC government used to conduct draws in every week (if one week if it is main draw then next week it will be tech only draw) If we check the draw history for the past few months we can see that the points are getting slowly down. so if you are a skilled worker there is a huge chance or reducing the score to 80 in the coming months (In yesterdays draw it was 82)
  4. Skilled Worker-SI
  5. Ok. one of my friend is also waiting with score 80 in SI. For the past few weeks the score was 82 for SI. but for EEBC SI they have reduced the points from 84 to 82 yesterday. So lets wait for few more weeks to get invited.
  6. I am also eligible under EEBC-SKILLED, which one is better
  7. EEBC Skilled worker is 10 times better than SI. but if you need to be eligible in EEBC skilled worker you have to create an express entry profile in CIC website first and link that to BC pnp profile. That one have different eligibility criteria.

    If you are SI or EEBC SI you may get pnp at the same time. But when it comes to PR for EEBC SI people can get PR in just 6 months and normal SI can get PR through paper based application and it will take 1 or 1 n half year. So you can save an year if you are EEBC SI.
  9. You need to have a job offer letter inorder to apply BC-PNP. There is only 1 category in BC that doesn't required job offer letter. that is International post graduation from a BC university. You can check more details from following link


    BC PNP is mainly based on job offer letter from BC and then you have to meet the points in the respective category.

  10. My agent is saying that he can arrange job offer for me.should I go for it.
  11. Because I do not have any other option.its not possible for me to arrange job offer myself.
  12. Sure. Then go for it.
    if you can share more details then I can say whether you are eligible for BC PNP or not
  13. its not easy to find a job offer letter from BC if you are outside canada. if agent is providing a job offer letter with less fees, then its good
  14. Yes.i have BCA and post graduation in computer application. I have 2 year work experience as a IT Manager. And got clb 7.and age is 25.
    Only problem is I don't have job offer letter.but my agent is saying he can an arrange it.
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  15. Ya he is asking 3 lc for it.

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