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Bangkok Application Processing Timeline

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by junl, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. Hi all,
    I have submitted online via CIC website to apply for a visitor visa since I'm holding a Malaysian passport. I am based out of Bangkok for work hence application has to be submitted to Thailand. It's been 27 days now and I haven't yet received a single notification to ask me to surrender my passport for stamping nor any notification whether there's any clarification needed. What is with the hold up? Any kind soul who knows why the inefficiency? I am due to fly out to Canada in 3 weeks time and I am very worried I may not get the visa on time. I have tried their web chat, it was useless; agent couldn't help. I called and again useless there as they just asked me to email. The email auto-response was "We'll get back to you within 30 days"! What kinda inefficiency is that? Canada is a developed country but the processes to apply are third world! Any help is deeply appreciated!

    Thanks xx
  2. Is there no one willing to help out here please? Bryanna?
  3. Hi,

    As per the IRCC website, the estimated time for TRV applications from Thailand is 24 days. But as you applied online, your application could be processed by any visa office worldwide.

    You can send an email + a Case Specific Enquiry to the Bangkok visa office requesting for an expedited decision. You can include a copy of your flight bookings. If you are traveling to the US first then do scan your US visa + include the US tickets as well.

    Here are the links:

    For the CSE: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/contacts/web-form.asp

    Hope you get your TRV soon :)
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  4. That my friend is not good news AT ALL since I also applied online via Bangkok and am yet to receive any update and its been 6-days now.....IM guessing maybe the Thai quota has been filled for the month...? Also another guess perhaps the visa office from your country of nationality gets to issue the visa rather than country of residence..?
    Hopefully some seniors can give some clarification. PLEASE KEEP US UPDATED I WILL DO THE SAME
  5. Did you receive your payment confirmation receipt after paying the online visa fee?

    This thing:

  6. Thanks Bryanna! I will re-submit using the web form again and attach my flight itinerary. I think what frustrates most of us here is why it's taking them so long to process a visa and it's such a tedious process. I will keep you updated!
  7. Yes, I did receive it and another message that says Submission Confirmation to acknowledge that my submission has been received. My spouse did the same application but his was under business visa. He applied from the US and got everything sorted including passport stamping within 2 weeks! This process here is killing me, the wait is so frustrating and there's almost no escalation point of any point of contact to raise this as an issue!
  8. I feel you my flight is departing on 15 September and there is just no communication, It seems Somalia has a more helpful immigration department. I never received an email that my application was received could you be kind enough to share that email...?
    Only received payment confirmation....

    Also see this thread which I started there is a senior on there who is very helpful
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    Hey Junl just an update regarding my online visa application as promised which was also done online in Thailand. So I submitted my application form on 18-Aug. After 5-days I still haven't received an application number. I reported a Technical issue as mentioned on CIC website. Amazingly after 6-hours my application got processed and my application nr was issued:


    Now the anxiety starts all over again with my document verification


    How is your application getting on. Hope you have managed to get some progress on your application...?

  10. Hey do think positively :):)

    Not just for the BKK visa office, we've noticed a bit of delay (even as long as one week) before the application number is issued.

    There's no quota for TRVs. It's not like the PGP sponsorships.

    That's not correct.

    The OP's TRV will be issued by the BKK visa office. Which visa office processes a TRV depends on the country of residence of the applicant and not on the passport
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  11. Still no news from CIC on asking me to submit my passport for stamping. I'm cutting it very close since it's 2 more weeks away till I fly so I don't know how much CIC can do in these 2 weeks.
  12. Hi junl, so what happened to your application, I know it was last year but just wanna know what took place. Did you get approved? what was your timeline. I live here in Bangkok for 17 years and waiting for our TRV submitted online Jun 3.
  13. Hi , I submitted my application online on july4th, 2018 and after that I got notification of confirmation of submission and file number. Next day I got message in my cic account says we are reviewing your eligibility.
    After that I didn’t get any message so o contacted through email and they asked me to submit 2more documents related to my employment and I got email stating documents are uploaded to my file.
    After that I didn’t hear anything. I have family function to attend this week by 18th July. I am just so stressed.
    Anyone had been in this situation before? please explain
    Thank you
  14. Hi did you get your visa?

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