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Background check- Not applicable.

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by ts19, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. Basically all of the info you provided. They will also re calculate your points, education, travel & work history.....ive been sitting in Ip2 for 3 weels
  2. Our background check is not applicable. Is it possible that is done? Thank you!
  3. April applicant here, background check changed from "We will message you when we start" to "Not applicable" today. Anyone in the same boat?
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  4. I am 20 april applicant mine is not applicable from 2 months .waiting for bcg to start
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  5. I've been waiting for 2 months as well.
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  6. hi need advice as to where my status is. i recd ppr to submit passport on the 26th august. but my background check says its in progress and if they need information they will message me. i have already sent my passport thru vfs. my status has not changed. does it mean i have recd the PR and my status will change after pr and copr is issued.
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  7. AoR 29th May, paid the full fees (both components) at the time of submitting the application.

    I check my account daily, even on the weekends.
    My BG status never was IP - it went directly to "Not Applicable". In fact, I checked my account one fine day and found the medical status changed to "passed" and received the email notification later that day.
    With BG, from "Not Applicable" to "... we will send you a message if this changes" and then again to "Not Applicable" without any email notification.

    Ditto for other status' as well. And now the status is stagnant from almost 2 months.

    This is not a rant or a complaint, but it's a little demotivating when you see immitracker cases. CIC claims that they process applications in the order they receive them and that the window is 6 months (or more), and I believe that they do, but somehow it doesn't add up. Many of the applications made on the same day have already received PPR and many cases change to PPR within a couple of days after AoR.
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  8. Hello, any update? Our background check also still not applicable.
  9. Hi there, yes it updated a day after actually on the 13th. From "Not applicable" to "In progress". I'm waiting for DM or PPR next I assume.
  10. Thanks and goodluck!
  11. Hi Jigar,

    Could you please provide your application/processing timeline here?
    All the best.

  12. I'm also April 20 AOR. BG changed to NA after IP1 at July 14. No updates on BG ever since. It is 5 months since AOR now. I wonder if I could get PPR within 6 months.
  13. Hi,

    My status is as below:
    e-APR submitted - 15th August 2017
    AOR - 15ty August 2017
    Medical Passed - 15th Sepetember 2017
    BG went to In Progress - 15th September 2017
    BG went to Not Applicable - 19th September 2017

    I have filed under PNP program as I received nomination from Nova Scotia.

    Can anyone tell me how much time it will take now till PPR?
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  14. I
    Are you viewing this on GCkey??
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  15. Nope

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