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Baby Canadian & temporary visa being rejected

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by coco84, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. Hello,

    I was given a 5 year temporary visa in Canada during which i gave birth in 2017.
    My visa got expried and i have applied twice for the visitor visa but they keep on rejecting.
    My sister who is Canadia, requested to IRCC for some notes to see what was goin on trhough the visar officer's mind cause i have been quite regular in Canada for my vaccation and stuff even prior to giving birth.

    The officer in Paris mentioned in his notes tmy baby and i are both cameroonians,they are not clear on who the father is (i am a single mother),that my expenses seems to be high compared to my savings, that i had limited work opportunities in my country and they are not satisfied i shall return to my home country.

    the first denial, i wrote an appeal, correctiing them that i am cameroonian but my daughter is canadian, that i am a single mother and did not see why the father was an issue, i showed my permanent work contract with a fairly good salary,my statements had enough funds and i indicated my sister is canadian so accomodation was free, rebate air tickets etc. i clearly indicated i was able to handle my expenses, my baby and brother. (as my lil brother was in my application as well).

    They still rejected but this time telling me that they do not feel i shall return. In the ATIP noted, they now spoke about me and my brother intend to visit my sister and that my daughter was born in camada during last visit. they said athough i have extensive travel they do not still feel i shall return home because of my country's economic situation etc.

    Because i have been rejected twice, i am no longer sure how to handle my next visa application and i really like going there to visit my sister. Any advice on how i can go about my next visa application for Canada?
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    So to clarify , during your last visit on your “ visitors” visa, you came to Canada, pregnant, and gave birth to your baby here, hence “ Canadian “, and left ?
    How long was your stay in Canada then?
    Are you pregnant again ?
    Did you pay your Medical bills the last visit ?
    You have to give more information, however just on the basis of what you have given , the visa officer may feel you came last time on the pretence of a “ visit “, all along planning to have your baby here, so it could get a Canadian passport , then left .
    So in a nutshell, they may not believe you are just “ visiting “
    You know the old saying “ Once bitten, twice shy”.
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  3. I would agree with @Copingwithlife. You have family in Canada, and you gave birth to a baby last time you were here. It will look very suspicious to the visa officer no matter what. The very derogatory term used in this situation is "anchor baby," which is very unfortunate but used to describe foreign parents who try to use a Canadian-born child as a way into Canada. The visa officer will be looking very stringently at your applications to determine if that's what is going on.
  4. There are consequences to birth tourism. CIC feels like you took advantage of you visitor priviledges to purposefully have a child in Canada. If you have outstanding medical bills that will be a bigger problem. I would expect that you will be denied a visitor visa for quite some time.
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