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Average Time To Receive AOR/File No. from PR paper application submission

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Aggrey, Feb 3, 2017.

  1. I submitted my MPNP PR paper application to IRCC January 28, 2017.
    Does anybody know how long it takes on the average to receive Acknowledgement of Receipt (AOR) and file number from IRCC, if all documents are complete?
  2. Nowadyas, 60-70 days.
  3. Thanks. That's a long wait
  4. Some time ago it was 90 days min.
  5. For inland paper based application, it's about 90 days. My case is about 80 days.
  6. 90 days is the answer
  7. I sent my package on 12/19/16, and today I got an email with my UCI and Application No EPxxxxxxxx. I think it is the AOR?
  8. Are you an inland applicant?

    I have not got an AOR and my file was received on 28th Nov.

    Im from INDIA
  9. Yep, inland.
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    Does any one know the current processing time? I sent my application on March 16 and have still not received anything. Inland application from Manitoba
  11. Same here, I applied my eoi overseas in october 2016 and its more than 6 months and I have't got any response yet, I only got the confirmation email not even the file number. Can anyone tell..is that confirmation email is the AOR? also is there anyone whose status is like me? Thank you and hope for the best!!

  12. CIC takes 16 months from the document received date. You will get UCI in coming few days, then 20-25 will take for FT, then 4-6 months for medicals, then 3-4 months from DM to PPR.
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  13. Same here! Applied on March 16th Alberta, nothing yet
  14. AORs are taking a long time these days?
  15. Whats is UCI and AOR?

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