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August CEC Applicants

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by jesuscares, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Hey guys,

    Just an update; I received my express landing email today in the morning.

    Wish you all the best!
  2. Congrats! Do you know what day your application was approved? Trying to gauge when I might get mine!
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  3. I received the email! Yahoo! :)

    All the best for the rest
  4. An email to do express landing or an email to confirm your appointment for express landing?

    And Congrats!
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    Yes. the express landing. my phone interview will be on Dec 14. I've confirmed mine. And thanks
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  6. Do you know what day your application was approved?
  7. Thanks. No I don't know when it was approved. However, based as per CIC's website, if you receive this email, it means that you've been approved and you just need to confirm the landing process.

    I only got the email in the morning today. My background is still IP2 ( We are processing ... ).
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  8. Fingers crossed I get mine today!
  9. lol where's ours :O
  10. wish you luck!
  11. No I didn't ask. I just received an email from them when i asked about my status where they replied it's been approved.. and that I just have to wait within 30 days for instructions.. Their reply to me was last Nov 27.
  12. I'd say its on its way :D
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  13. Here is mine..
    CEC Outland
    VO - Ottawa
    AOR Aug 8
    MEP Sep 12
    BC - We are processing your BC (remained the same from the day Med got passed)
    No additional documents required from Nov 21 and ADR - Medical Renewal
    ADR submitted Nov 28
    Medical Passed Dec 1
    How long will it take to get PPR?? Any guess?? Please advise..
  14. Awesome! Mine is scheduled for the 13th but since I confirmed my availability I haven't received any other emails from IRCC to say whether they received my confirmation or whether they have mailed my CoPR to me yet... still waiting.
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  15. I'm still waiting too.. We will get it, don't worry.. :) I can sense, we'll received it if not today, tomorrow.. Be positive! :)
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