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August CEC Applicants

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by jesuscares, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Hey guys

    I wanted to create a space for August CEC applicants to share their joys and frustrations about the process. You are also welcomed to share your timelines.
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  2. Hi, here's my timeline
    CEC Inland
    AOR August 5
    Medicals passed: September 8
    IP1: September 8
    No additional docs reqd: October 7
  3. Hey Irada
    Mine is as follows
    CEC Inland
    AOR August 10
    Medicals passed: September 5
    No additional docs required: September 14
    Background Check: We are processing your background check..........
  4. Hi, here's my timeline
    CEC Outland
    AOR August 8
    Medicals passed: September 8
    Bg changed to processing on Sept 8
    PPR request 28th Sept
    Visa Stamed 5th Oct
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  5. Congrats kunalkhanna!! That was super quick. Did you have any dependents and which country is your visa office based?
  6. I had 2 dependents. My wife and my son. I applied from India, New Delhi basically after completing my Canada assignment in Quebec.
  7. Excellent! Pack your bags and get to Canada!
  8. Thanks jesuscares :)
  9. Please check my timeline.
    CEC Inland
    AOR: August 20th
    MEP: September 5th
    IP1/IP2 : No idea, my bgc just changed to "we are processing your...." from Sep 5th. It never got changed.
    Add doc not required: September 26th

    File in CPC Ottawa.

    What I found so far, CEC applicants with dependents gets PPR quicker compared to single applicants. I am a single applicant.
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    That's an interesting observation. Do you think it is a quota issue? Also it looks like irada, yourself and myself are in some sort of a group as our medicals got passed at the sametime.
  11. I think so, it's hard to say.

    If you look at the tracker from May - Aug, then you will notice most PPRs are with dependents. I think it's easier for them to issue PPR for families than a single individual. Because, they're just opening a single file and issuing PPRs for 1+ individual.
  12. Hi Experts,

    Just need your support regarding my education and previous work experience reference letter which I need to upload under CEC class.

    Following is my previous back home(India) education for which i have done my ECA.

    just wanted to know, for my bachelors and masters studies shown below do I have to upload all the semester mark sheets or only the final degree/convocation certificate will be fine along with ECA???

    Education (diplomas/degrees) (required)

    Bachelors of Science - I.T. from India
    (Documents I have: - 1st- 6th Semester mark-sheets, Convocation/Graduation Certificate)

    Masters of Science – I.T. from India
    (Documents I have: - 1st and 2nd Year mark-sheets, Convocation/Graduation certificate)


    My case and query for employment is below.

    Currently i am working for CGI group since 13 months in Toronto.
    Previously back home in India i worked in TCS (2010-2014)

    Just want to get the checklist what all letters are required to show my back home TCS experience.
    i am having release letter, service letter. I dont have my payslips and employer is not ready to give me letter stating all my duties/responsibilities on the letter head. I can get an email from my manager through the TCS email id stating my roles and responsibilities etc.

    exactly please let me know the checklists of document I need to submit for employment in this case. Thanks in Advance. :)
  13. That's what I have noticed too.
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    For your education, if you have both the degrees and transcripts you should submit both along with the ECA for your degrees. I have never came across a case where someone submits an email in lieu of the letter of employment. It might be in your best interest to wait and get the proper documentation i.e the letter of employment (on the company’s official letterhead) listing your roles and responsibilities and the NOC code which matches the job description. You can use the T4 document as an alternative to the payslips. However investigate whether HR for your company can pull up your records. They may be able to provide a history document detailing your wage payment records.
  15. I have a dependent, my husband, however still stuck at background checks :(

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