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***August 2019 AOR Tracking - join here***

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by andy108, Jul 29, 2019.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Congratulations for submitting your eAPR and becoming part of August 2019 AOR gang.

    This thread is to assist everyone with questions in relation to process tracking, trends, processing timelines concerns and just to get together and plan the upcoming move over to Canada while trying to understand when to expect your PPR.

    Good luck!

    I will be sharing some statistics below to help you with the process.

  2. August is nearly here!

    august aor tracker link will be published tonight!
  3. If you would have submitted your a-APR application today, how long on average you are going wait?

    See below:

  4. How past months applicants are doing:


    January about 51% got their PPRs.
    February about 43% got their PPRs.
    March about 33% got their PPRs.
    April about 27% got their PPRs.
    May only 8% got their PPRs.

    June and July are mostly getting MEPs as of now.
  5. Any AUGUST aor?
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  6. How long to wait PPR depending on your stream:

  7. If you submitted your application today, how long to wait for medical pass date?

  8. Some useful abbreviations to know:

    • EC - Canadian Experience Class
    • AOR - Acknowledgment of Receipt
    • MR - Medical request
    • MEP - Medical pass
    • RPRF - Right of permanent residence fee
    • PPR - Passport request
    • COPR - Confirmation of permanent residence
    • Counterfoil - Visa attached to passports of non-visa exempt countries
    • RFO - Ready for Officer
    • PCC - Police clearance certificate
    • IELTS - International English language testing service
    • CELPIP - Canadian English language proficiency index program
    • NOC - National occupational classification
    • OB - Operational bulletin
    • IRPA - Immigration and Refugee Protection Act
    • eCAS - Electronic client application status
    • GCMS - Global case management system
    • VO - Visa officer
    • CIO - Centralized Intake Office
    • CPPO - Case Processing Pilot Ottawa
    • BOWP - Bridged open work permit
    • PGWP - Post graduation work permit
    • WP - Work permit
  9. More exciting eapr analytics coming on Monday guys!
  10. I have submitted my application and got my eAoR on August 2. My medical exam was done on August 1 and the doctor said the report would be sent to IRCC in about 2 weeks' time and nothing can move ahead before that, so basically now it is almost like not submitted yet. I'm an international student currently studying in Canada.
  11. Have you submitted you e-APR? What have you applied for and what is you exact question?
  12. My eAPR was submitted 4 days ago. I have no question at this point. Just saw this thread and came in to say hi.

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