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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Synoptic, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. I hope I won't have to bother with the PPR and get CoPR straight away : )
  2. Finally! Waiting is now for the CoPR to come in.. But it has come to an end, the unbearable wait

    "Your application has been finalised. Your Confirmation of Permanent Residence is in the queue to be printed and you will be receiving it shortly."
  3. Congrats bro all the luck after a looong journey :)))
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  4. Just wanted to drop in and tell everyone my wife's application has been finally APPROVED!! We sent her passport to ADVO via VFS and we are awaiting it any day now!

    This is what the system shows:

    Final decision
    Help - Final decision
    • September 10, 2019 Your application was approved. Check your messages below for details.
    So happy that we are done with no hiccups whatsoever!! Hang in everyone, yours will be done soon!
  5. Congratulations!!!)))
  6. Hi everyone, I had a question I was hoping somebody could offer some advice on.

    I recently recieved my COPR (finally). The expiry date of the visa is 22nd December 2019, so I must arrive in Canada before that date.

    I strongly wish to be able to spend Christmas this year with my family in Ireland as we recently lost a very close family member and so it is quite important. Does anyone here have any knowledge on if I would be able to arrive in Canada before December 22nd and leave again to return to Ireland for a week over the Christmas period? Or is it a case that once I land in Canada I cannot travel for a specific amount of time?

    Any insights are much appreciated.
  7. Congratulations on your COPR and sincere condolences on the passing of your family member. Hoping you do indeed get to enjoy a Christmas with your family in Canada, if a bittersweet one.

    From what I understand (I'm no expert), you will need to wait about 45 days to get your PR card after you've entered Canada. If you need to travel you can indeed go ahead, this has no bearing on the fact that you're a PR and can re-enter Canada as your right. However while abroad in Ireland, you would need to apply for a Permanent Residence Travel Document (PRTD) which will allow you to re-enter Canada in lieu of your PR card. I'm not too sure how long this takes to get but I think it's a couple of weeks, and I understand you can only apply for it while abroad, so you may need to plan accordingly.

  8. Cingrats
    What was ur timeline ?
    Can you share
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  9. Still waiting for the CoPR to come in. They informed me (after I wrote them via a webform) on Sept 10th that I would receive my CoPR shortly. They sure have a weird concept of the term "shortly". All the same, I booked my tickets for December. Gotta manifest it!
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  10. Hello Team,

    I have sponsored my spouse on 24 September 2018 and the file was transferred to the London visa office in March 2018 and its seems they are not satisfied and now they are looking for an interview in London or my home country. I am in stress as we have age difference of 10 years and I am not sure why they asked below documents that are not relevant for marriage legality. My spouse had worked few months and they have asked those thing which we didn't mention. we already provided all relevant documents before like education, photos sponsor job and taxes documents.

    can someone help ?

    You must bring the following documents with you to your scheduled interview along with any
    other additional evidence you wish to bring. You must bring with you all ORIGINAL
    documents, translated into English or French, which apply to your application.
    Translations must be certified. Should you have already submitted the original copy of a
    supporting document to our office, such as an educational degree or qualification, then you are
    a required to bring a photocopy to the interview. Original documents will be returned to you
    when your case is concluded.
    Please organize your documents in the order in which they are requested below:
    1. Updated Schedule A forms for you and each dependant, whether accompanying or not,
    who is now 18 years of age or older. Please provide a complete personal history
    ensuring all time is accounted for since the age of 18 without any gaps, including any
    periods of studies, unemployment, or travel. An additional sheet can be used if
    additional space is required. These forms are available on our website at:
    2. Background documents including any documents to support your answers in the
    Background/Declaration form (schedule 1) such as completion of military service card,
    military records, membership cards or any documents showing your association or
    involvement in any social, political vocational and cultural organization.
    3. Supplementary Information - Your Travels Forms (IMM 5562) for you and each
    dependant, whether accompanying or not, who is now 18 years of age or older. This
    form can be obtained from the following website:
    4. Additional Family Information Forms (IMM 5406) for you and each dependant,
    whether accompanying or not, who is now 18 years of age or older.
    5. Identity and civil status documents for you and your spouse or common-law partner,
    whether accompanying or not. You must bring a copy of all relevant birth, marriage,
    divorce and/or death certificates for yourself and your spouse or common-law partner.
    6. Children’s information including their birth certificates (which name their parents);
    adoption papers for adopted children, and full transcripts that cover the period from the
    date of the original application for any accompanying children who were over the age of
    22 at the time of the original application and who are still currently studying.
    7. Police certificates and clearances from for you and each of your dependants aged 18
    years of age or older for any period that has not already been covered by a police
    certificate that has already been submitted. A police certificate is required for each
    country where an individual has lived for 6 months or more since reaching the age of 18.
    Immigration and Medical Services Division | Section des services d’immigration et des services médicaux
    High Commission of Canada | Haut-commissariat du Canada
    Canada House | La Maison du Canada
    Trafalgar Square
    London, UK SW1Y 5BJ
    www.UnitedKingdom.gc.ca / www.Royaume-Uni.gc.ca
    8. Travel documents and passport for you and each of your dependents. Please bring
    your original passport to interview. You may bring passport copies for each of your
    dependents. If you live in a country other than your country of nationality, please ensure
    you also bring copies of any resident/work permits/cards.
    9. Education documents. Please bring your original educational credentials, including
    secondary school certificates, apprenticeships, diplomas and degrees, and all
    corresponding transcripts and marks sheets for you as well as those for your spouse.
    10. Evidence of employment. Please bring a copy of your personal resume (CV) showing
    your previous work experience and duties, your current and previous employment
    contracts and reference letters from employers on company letterhead which
    describe your duties and responsibilities. Employment letters must clearly indicate
    the full name, title, business address and telephone number of the signatory.
    11. Evidence of prior work or post-secondary study in Canada for you or your spouse.
    12. Proof of relationship to any qualifying relative in Canada (through birth and marriage
    certificates) and proof of their status in Canada, and proof that your relative is currently
    residing in Canada. This should include information such as pay-slips, school
    registration, Canadian income tax documents (recent Notice of Assessment), and credit
    card and bank statements.
    13. Evidence of any confirmed employment offer in Canada.
    14. Proof of sufficient settlement funds currently available and readily transferable to
    Canada and other financial assets and liabilities, such as personal income tax
    statements, investments, deeds, property evaluations and mortgages;
    15. Sufficient evidence to establish your work experience during the period beginning
    two years preceding the date of your application.
    This must include:
    • income tax returns and tax assessments (if applicable and payable in your country of
    • bank statements showing salary deposits from your employer, or a letter from your
    employer stating that you are paid cash, and bank deposit slips for these amounts;
    And may include:
    • payroll records (if necessary to document full time job equivalents);
    • any other documents that you may wish to bring, which could include sales invoices,
    purchase invoices, accounting records, business bank statements, advertising
    brochures, etc.
    16. Any additional evidence that will establish that you meet Canadian immigration
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  11. Neetram what was ur timeline?
    How long does it take to get PPR ?
    I am in my 14 month almost now .
  12. Oh:( in London “shortly” means: “sometime in a couple of months”..... I hope soon u get it! :)
    Maybe send them another webform or email?
  13. Timeline is in my signature : )
    I don't know about PPR as I am from the Netherlands and will get issued CoPR staight away.

    Good luck!
  14. I'm afraid of spamming them... OH NOOO IT'S THAT DUTCHIE AGAIN! hahaha GIMMEEEEEE
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