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August 2013 Applications

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by praveenkumarsr, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. That's weird, haven't heard of a case like yours before. I would try calling CIC in the morning and see what they have to say.
    Worst case, mail your passport or email CPC a scan of your passport along with the PPR email and ask what's the deal with it.
  2. Hello Everyone,

    Its been more than a week that my e-case status changed to:
    -Medical has been received
    -Decision has been made on your file. CIC office will contact you on this decision shortly.

    But I havent received PPR request yet. Is it something to worry about? My medical was uploaded on March 29th.
  3. Thanks toby, I'll try calling...if nothing useful comes about, I'll just send the passport because I do not want to cause any delays.
  4. just wait a little bit longer..........it is coming
  5. thats what id do, you can get it there and back again in under a week. Are you aus michelle on the google spread sheet? because assuming she is from aussie it looks like ppr also
  6. ECAS status changed to Decision Made, shows medical results have been received
    Already received PPR yesterday , 24th April.
  7. Hi friends,
    I am applying under NOC 2171 as a QA Analyst. I will be really grateful if someone who has applied under similar job title and succeeded share their job responsibilities. Please send me a PM...I wish everyone good luck
  8. Hi guys got PPR on 23 April. Requested Ottawa for visa stamping in Delhi.
    Got reply on 24 April. Submitted via VFS on 25 April...
  9. My ECAS changed today to only medicals have been received but, I got my PPR last night.
  10. It'll change soon. Don't rely on ECAS, like GCMS notes it's always a little outdated.
  11. My Med was uploaded on 12 April, Fee has been paid but no PPR yet...:(
  12. Same timeline.Mine was uploaded on April 11. Hope everything goes well for all of us. So frustrating to wait. I did ME 6 weeks ago. :(
  13. Don't worry too much about it!
    My med was uploaded on the 2nd and my ECAS was just updated to "Medical Received" and "Decision Made" today.
    Apparently, some people receive PPR before the ECAS is updated but I have not received my CoPR yet (I am from a visa-exempt country).

    Anyhow, yours might take a week or two more given that I only received my update today!
    Stay positive!
  14. ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
    woot woot!!!

    Finally I received my MR!!!!!!!!!!! after this long wait....phew!!!!

    one step closer!!
    good luck to all that still waiting for MRs!!!!!
  15. My tracking number got activated today at 18:14. Passport received by CIC on April 23, 2014.

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