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Atlantic Immigration Pilot Programme (AIPP)

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Emmashady, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. How did you acquire your needs assessment po? Saka kelan po kayo naka receive ng job offer? Para lang magka idea kami nung timeline. Thanks po.
  2. Sa job bank apply for jobs related to your experience.aftrr 5 months ako nreplyan enployer .Only lately that my job bank also start notifying me of employers who invited me to apply to their postings , some is not related to my experience , some in office , but still non replied me after sending them application as per their request.

    Process for AIPP the phase is faster if you and your employer has the docs already i suppose .
    Invitation to job interview
    1 week after, job offer
    Employer send me : IRCC job offer for foreign employee
    Employer sent me their designation letter(mine was fast coz they have it already- i just usually wait for their signatures and vice versa)
    Employer send me links to different settlement agencies to get a settlement plan: i chose planning for canada - registred online - i got a reply and a schedule for orientation a week after
    Planning for canada sent me the settlement plan after orientation - 3 days
    Settlement plan sent to my employer. On october 3 she applied for my designation letter but until now i havent received ut yet. Some took 2 weeks some 1 month.its my 3rd week

    After that i plan to apply TWP and PR together but i am not yet sure about the timeline
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  3. THANK YOU very much for this information mariana025.
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  4. Hi Mariana - Sa Health Sector yung wife ko. Hanggang ngayon, wala pang feedback e.
  5. Hi po sir,
    Nasa visa processing na po ba si wife niyo?
  6. Hi guys,

    Can I submit a certified true copy of PCC for either WP or PR visa? I Only have 1 copy of each of my 3 PCC's that's why but I am applying for both PR and WP visa that requires orig copies. Any idea?
  7. Wala pa. Naghihintay pa lang ng ITA. Hanggang ngayon wala pa feedback. Nagccheck din ako sa ibang nag-apply. Wala naman akong nakikita na nabigyan na under Health Sector, so I guess wala pa talaga at mabagal sila. Buti pa sa Food Industry.
  8. Hi po.kailan po siya ng apply ng endordement? Inabot din ako ng 1 month exactly bgo ko nkuha yung saakin
  9. Hello Guys!

    I have received TWP through AIPP as well as applied for PR and wanted to share my experience with you!
    I have started the process some time in June, when I connected to my potential employer and spoke with them about the opportunity. Then, my employer had to fill out some documents to receive designation and was able to make a job offer for me. It took us about 2 months to get my endorsement and collect all the documents for the TWP application.

    I have applied from the US and had to sent all my documents to the NYC VAC, where it took them about a month to send me my passport back with TWP. Right after that, I have applied for PR, at the end of October my Medicals were requested and I submitted them some time mid November. Right now I am waiting for the next steps.

    Please, feel free to ask questions if you want. Good luck to everyone!
  10. Congratulations!!!
    I just want to know if u did medical exam 2 times then? One for WP and 1 for pr?
  11. When did you submit and when exactly was medical requestedd?
    How long after AOR was the medical requested?
  12. Just one for PR. I did not have to do medical for TWP
  13. I received my AOR on Oct 3 as well as Medical Request.
  14. Hi,

    I am under AIPP of Mercan, I want to share my experience.

    May 6 - Job offer
    July - Endorsement Letter
    August - Medical Reqest
    October - My Sons Medical Request for PR process even he is not coming with me
    October 12 - Working Visa received
    October 26 - PDOS

    1. Show money includes my son. (Single mom) If you are married need to include in your proof of funds/show money 120k single plus 40k for dependent

    2. We have visa and pdos certificate but still Mercan can not answer our deployment because of POLO process in canada that causing delays.

    3. On the other hand, they are saying we need to wait for the PR release which is 6 months from the month they passed it which is October.

    4. Until now were 16, few of us got Visa since september.

    5. We might leave as per Mercan 6th month of the PR process. AIPP is new to their procedure. They have different way of handling clients even payment mode.
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