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Atlantic Immigration Pilot Programme (AIPP)

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Emmashady, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. Yes attend no issue, most important to register your name tomorrow to be able to send EOI when the stream is opened.
  2. thanks po newby po ako
    ask ko lang po what is EOI
    hindi ko pa po kasi kabisado yung mga abbreviation thanks po ulit
  3. Hey could you please share after how much time did you received MR after AOR and after MR how much time it took to get PPR?
  4. Have you received medical request????
  5. Expression of Interest
  6. Bro can you reply me here if you still active on this site!! I have one question to ask you
  7. Hello,
    Could you please advice how you received a job offer under Atlantic Immigration programme? Most of the employers I have contacted prefer candidates already having PR. Thanks
  8. Hello,
    Could you please advice how you got the job offer? I have contacted some employers who can provide a work permit under Atlantic Pilot programme, but they prefer candidates already holding PR. Could you advise some employers? Thanks
  9. Do we need to submit a work experience certificate with Endorsement Application?
  10. Hi did you get your endorsement yet?
  11. I got medical request on Mar 3 2018, my medical exam status changed into "you passed medical exam" on Mid April 2018 and Ive got no update since then. Anyone still waiting after medical exam? What is the chance to get denied if you have passed medical exam?
  12. hi how long does AIPP PR take nowadays? PR APP was submitted and received by IRCC last May 1. until now, no updates whatsoever. NO email if my application is deficient or what.. am i supposed to worry for rejection? thank you
  13. I submitted the very first time in January 2018 and then by the end of January I received a returning package of my application because it says incomplete. So I sent again in early February 2018, got an acknowledgement one month later that it is complete and they are processing it. I was asked medical check up on on March 6 and passed the medical exam in mid April and no more updates until now. Its been almost 2 months.
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  14. Mine took 14 days

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