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Atlantic Immigration Pilot Programme (AIPP)

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Emmashady, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. I apply on 23 jan
    13 feb file num
    29 April medical request
    9 may medical pass
    11 may request for updates rcmp
    28 may sent new rcmp
    Still no update. They did not seen my rcmp yet
    Anyone else have some updates?
  2. It will come soon, don't you worry. At least that is what you are waiting for now. As of me, i still don't know if my application is okay with them because until now, i have not received an AOR yet. it's been 37days. am i correct to assume rejection? but at least they could have emailed me or inform me of that.
  3. anybody here passed their PR app last May and received AOR or MR recently? please share. thanks
  4. Seems that April applicants get AOR and MR simultaneously and within 25-30 days after submission. I also know of one applicant who passed PR APP and successfully received by IRCC last April 30 and got AOR and MR simultaneously on May 23. i guess May applicants are waiting for so long.
  5. similar timeline
    good luck to both of us!
  6. Is from you they also request new rcmp ?
    I send this on 28 may but still its not update and its showing that they need a additional document. Anyone know how much time cic take to update any additional documents ?
  7. I dont think so. I sent out the RCMP as well, but it still shows We need additional documents..

    I am thinking to ask them soon what's going wrong
  8. The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program(AIPP) stream is the best kept secret. Nobody knows who these companies are. There is no list of designated AIPP employers. However at an immigration seminar we were told that there are hundreds of employers who are part of it. The thing is you have to wait until you have been employed by a company in the Maritimes and then have the conversation with HR to find out if they are apart of it. Otherwise if you ask before then it will be a straight up no. Think about it,if there was a list then all of these companies would have been bombarded with job appications from immigrants. Those would be the only places we as immigrants would be targeting. As such ,they dont advertise that they are part of the AIPP.
  9. hi buddy, I hope you get the medical exam request. My medical passed, and waiting for other updates and got a RCMP criminal record request and sent it out as well

    how about you?
  10. any news on May applicants? any AOR/MR?
  11. where do I file work permit appliation? my home country or Canada? I am a visitor in Canada now

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    I'm an AIPP applicant.
    I got AOR and MR at the same time on 13th June.

    Timeline is
    25th May: Sent applications to CIO
    28th May: CIO received PR docs
    13th June: Got AOR and MR from IRCC

    I thought it took 30 days more, but I got AOR and MR within 16 days.
    I'm gonna make an appointment Medical Examination tomorrow morning for 4 family members.
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  13. Just got a letter from IRCC. Invitation for interview and bring passport and some other documents. Anyone got the same letter? Does it mean i am approved? Any idea what interview it is?
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  14. I got mine also today

    But in the letter i need to bring mu copr which is they dont send

    I don’t know if i can go to ircc office

    What kind of letter you received
  15. It is to do the landing stuff so you don't have to flagpole.

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