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Atlantic Immigration Pilot Programme (AIPP)

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Emmashady, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. What level are you currently in the process? Have you gotten a job offer and endorsement certificate?
  2. Thanks for the feedback. Good to know no transcript was added.
  3. Good..
    Please, add me into your WhatsApp chat: +49 151 2992 5036

  4. Not yet
  5. Hey everyone,
    My application was received by IRCC on 17 july but no AOR yet. But one person in my company applied on 20 july he got his COPR today. Are their any other people who got COPR within a month...?
  6. That’s really fast , you both have same nocs. I never heard so fast copr
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  7. Wow that was pretty fast! I think this will be the fastest of all. Please can confirm if the applicant is inland or Outland Applicant?
  8. Hi!
    My application was received on 10 of July and in 9 of August I received my AOR.
    Yesterday I received a pre arrival letter.
    But now I am in a strange situation:( In May I sent an application to exted my work permit and yesterday I was refused because I sent my application online instead of regular mail. I didn't know about this aspect unfortunately and now I am out of status and I want to send another application to restore my status.
    Is it anyone in this situation here?
  9. Yes NOC 2174. He was working in Ubisoft abu dhabi and got job in ubisoft halifax. I talked to him he said he was able to link his file to mycic before AOR. He got AOR,biometric and medical request within a week of his application was received by sydney office office. He is from austria. I did not asked for full timeline and i am sharing this info with his consent.
  10. Outland applicant working in abu dhabi and citizen of austria.
  11. That's awesome!. Congratulations to him. We hope to receive our PPR soon.
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  12. If you got pre arrival atleast your eligibility is cleared. And restoration of wp is a topic that i don’t know about.
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  13. Hey,

    My AOR is June 3, 2019. I haven't received a pre-arrival letter yet. Does that mean that my eligibility hasn't be cleared yet?
  14. Yes pre arrival letter is a major step which is never talked about. Pre-arrival letter is only initiated after eligibility has been met. I have read and compared more than 50 gcms notes to confirm this.
    Pre-arrival letter comes only after eligibility has been met. Then ircc communicates with csis for security part of the processing. CSIS work on their own schedule. It can be done in 2 days or can take months. You may order gcms notes and get a confirmation too.
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  15. Did you got biometrics and medical request? Because when medical status is passed then visa officer review eligibility.

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