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Atlantic immigration pilot program

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by Stas1984, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. Hi janelo
    Does passport is required to to send for stamp under aipp? Thank you
  2. My brother submitted his PR application thru mail last week of December 2018 and was received by CIC January 4, 2019 and got his AOR February 6, 2019. Praying that the application process to will run smoothly and quick. Now, we're waiting for PPR.
  3. Passport need to be submitted to Visa Application Centre that is near to you once you received a request to submit your passport from CIC.
  4. Hello Dear friends,
    I have searched everything and understood all steps. But the only thing is getting job offer from designated employers from NS or other Atlantic pilot employers. Just want to know how is realistic to get it and what are the best ways to have job offers ?

    Thank you in advance for your replies
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  5. Thank you but I'm already in Canada Newfoundland and I'm in the latest stages of processing ( medical passed pre arrival ...) So cic will ask me to send my passport or what Thank you
  6. Hi guys,
    is there anyone waiting for the Newfoundland endorsement approval?
  7. Any new delhi visa office applicant here?
  8. Hi,
    How are you ? I have almost same situation like you. Too difficult of searching employers being outside the country and without PR. So did you find an employer then after ? Can you please share any experience you had ?
  9. Sorry I don't have any idea for an inland processing, maybe some applicants can enlighten us for your application. Good luck!
  10. Hi just want to ask if anyone here has the same situation of my brother. He's applying for PR under AIPP. received a medical request for his wife and son but prior his application we included a letter with Attorney's signature that his wife is not cooperative and doesn't want to go to Canada with him so in short we weren't able to provide the passport details and pictures of wife and son. And now we got a medical request for the wife and son from MVO. Planning to email MVO with the attached letter and sign of lawyer prior the application of his PR. Can you please advice us on what to do? Thank you so much
  11. Please, I would like to know how long it take for receiving the acknowledgment of receipt after sending my application for permanent resident under the Atlantic Immigration pilot
  12. My brother submitted Last week of December and AOR received February 1, 2019 but Application was received by CIC January 4, 2019

  13. How did you apply and got the job offer from Nigeri
  14. Hi Marina, For TWP, did you have to provide proof of work experience? Doesn’t ask for it on the checklist but shows up in the staff guidelines by cic for eligibility for twp. I haven’t provided any paystubs to prove my work experience...
  15. Can we start applying for jobs with designated employers under AIPP without IELTS Score and ECA? I mean can I apply for the job first and take the IELTS and ECA after receiving a job offer?

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