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Atlantic immigration pilot program

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by Stas1984, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. Can u send me the webpage u used to link your application?

    QUOTE="andchu, post: 6889076, member: 752180"]Hi Guys,
    Back in July 2017, I've got a job offer from a company located at Saint John, New Brunswick. My employer was approved by AIPP program, then we got endorsement in Septmeber 2017, I've got work permit at October 2017, and actually started to work back in November.
    IRCC office in Sydney received and accepted my PR application on February 5th, two weeks after I've received conformation with my Application Number.

    I was able to link that application to cic.gc account and since then I am checking the progress online. About three weeks ago Review of additional documents section turned to: "We need additional documents to process your application. We will send you a letter or email with details." But I have not received neither new messages in account, nor emails or paper mails. I am worried that my application got stuck due to lack of some documents, but there is no way to find out what is missing.

    Is there a people, who have applied for PR from Canada by paper application though out Sydney office? What was your experience?[/QUOTE]
  2. Hi everyone,

    Anyone here who've recently received the endorsement letter from the province, can please share what was the timeline? I can't help myself refreshing my mailbox every 2 seconds. I've been waiting for 20 days now.
  3. Congratulations to All who have received Job Offers, Endorsements, TWP. Pls I just discovered this stream. I am tired of waiting in the pool. The CRS points are not friendly anymore. My questions are as follows
    1) How do i get a job offer from a designated employer?
    2) Which sites should I apply from?
    3) In my cover letter, should i indicate i am applying for the AIPP?
    I have seen the designated employers of the different provinces, they are so long. Please i need someone who has gotten an endorsement or through with the system to help me out.
    My first mission now is how to get a job offer. I sincerely need your help.
    Thanks for your anticipated timely response.
  4. None will answer this question, cos' everyone is busy with their Timeline, TWP, endorsement. Yes, it is agreed that this process needs guidance, but that is needed once we get a Job Offer:)

    Nevertheless, none :rolleyes:comes to rescue, when there is question on "How to get a job offer". (Lion_of_Judah tried to give his best in the previous post, but that was NOT in-detail though)

    Com'on guys, we just need hints whether to apply directly through the employers website or thru licensed recruiter??
    To those all, who are already in the process; We won't need your organisation, nor your location. Infact, we don't grab your job; matter of the fact, we just need the correct route.
    I'm confident, even this Question will be NOT answered.:cool:
  5. They will surely answer by God's grace. They have been answering others. We are in this together. Thanks for your concern.
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  6. Hi have you get your endorsement letter yet? I'm also waiting for that one. My employer said it should be within 2 weeks. :(
  7. Hello , I just want to ask that if anyone is waiting for endorsement approval from NB. Because I am waiting from 2 weeks.
  8. Hello since March 2019 New Brunswick no longer issues letters of appointment without ECA. you must first do the EDE before New Brunswick issues you the letter of approval
  9. Hi, could you please explain the meaning of EDE? Should I also do the ECA if I graduated in Atlantic?
  10. I already submit CLB, ECA,REF LETTER,PCC ETC AND My employer submitted all of these to Province for endorsement approval. Now i am waiting for that letter.
  11. Hi there,
    I got it in exactly 24 days.
  12. Hi, You also applied in NB province right? I graduated from NB and still waiting... Today is my 24th day as well. Few days ago they talked with my employer and asked for my ECA. My employer said I graduated from NB so they said I don't need to provide that.
  13. That's right, I've also applied to NB, and I'm an outlant applicant. I was freakin' out with the wait, not worth it. Everything will be fine and hopefully you will receive your endorsement soon :)
  14. Thank you so much ferstvi. Waiting is not good for all of us :)
  15. hello,

    can someone tell me, what is the current processing timelines to get Temp work permit for New Brunswick province. Appreicate your help!

    i have applied within Canada, does it helps to get twp quickly ?

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