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Asking medicals to passport request timeline (Singapore VO)

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by sababx, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. Hi

    My wife got a request for medical last night and she will be doing her medicals today. Any idea on how long it takes to update that In my cic and then ask for passport? Let me know please.

    Oh she is from Bangladesh too.
  2. For Bangladeshi applicant the MR requests comes at the very last stage of the entire CIC process. that means after the medical some, you will get the medical test status with in 5-7 days. Than she will get passport request preferably within 1 month. after submission of Passport, it will be returned with in a month.

    I have observed for delhi visa office, after medical some candidates waits from 7-8 months or even more to complete remaining process.

    I am waiting for medical from singapore visa since february. would you please share your wifes time line like when she got UCI and which program she applied for?

    I am from Bangladesh, you may inbox me your BD number and we can talk if you want and share progress.
  3. Hey

    I live in Canada so I guess there is no point of me sharing my Bangladeshi number. And also, she applied under spouse work permit. Usually, for spouse open work permit, the medical is on the very last stage. As to my concern, looking at past applications, I have seen whenever the medical is being done, it takes them 2-3 days to update it and after 5 days they usually ask for Passport. The one you have mentioned is for study permit purpose which I faced when I came to Canada few years back.
  4. how will i know if you are in canada or in BD. however, i shared my experience basis PR application not Work permit or Visitor visa.
  5. Ok that sounds good. I guess we are on a different timeline then

  6. Medical passed in 2 days.
  7. Its an usual time line for medical test date to medical passed. For some visa office or candidates it may take 3-5 days.
  8. Yeah. Just waiting for the passport request now.
  9. Medical Request: 23rd August
    Medical Done: 24th August
    Medical Passed: 27th August
    Passport Request: 30th August
    Passport Submitted: 30th August
    Status Changed: Approved September 5th

    Now waiting for the passport to come back!
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  10. Passport has been dispatched from Singapore already with the final decision
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  11. after medical pass how many days they take to ask for passport for spouse visa ? bd too
    another question is there any chance to ask interview after medical pass?
    thank you
  12. We have applied in PR in SINP program in last year. We had also completed our medicals on 9th June 2017. We submitted all documents & paid fees as per instruction in SINP Program. As per CIC portal it will take 3 months time after medical is done. It almost more than 3 months passed but still not get any final status about our PR file.

    I request you to guide me where can get I get proper reply or status of my file or if possible, would you please provide email id or contact number where I can get proper reply.

    Please help me out sir.

    Thanking you.
  13. My husband got PPR today! He will be going to submit his passport first thing in the morning at the visa application centre in Hanoi! Hopefully he will get his passport back with visa within a month!!! *fingers cross* :):):):)

    Best of luck to everyone!
  14. Prob 3-4 weeks
  15. singapore visa office asked me to do DNA test a month ago my wife and son have done it... the lab said that they contacted the embassy... i still hv 20 say more to get appointment to DNA test and get the results and upload it in IRCC account? anyone none how long it take for s.pore visa office to send someone to witness the DNA testing?

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