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Arrima Applications - Invited in 2019 by MIDI

Discussion in 'Quebec Immigration' started by mani3154, Oct 29, 2019.

  1. Hi,

    I am one of the invited in first draw on 4th July 2019. Please post your experience here in this thread.

    And most importantly share the status of your file if you are in the same position so that we can have some answers to our questions.

    Thanks everyone.
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  2. Similar situation. Stays as "En attente de traitement" for a few months now. What's your file status?
  3. I received docs request on 9the Sept and then I sent it on 26th. I got an email saying that they received my docs on 30sept. Until then, nothing. Today is 22nd business day since then. What about you ?
  4. Is your file number in first 100 ? Did you receive doc request, if yes when did you sent ?
  5. Mine is around 200. My docs were there already.

    Now they are proposing a Value test starting from January. I guess that no CSQ will be issued by the end of 2019.
  6. That should not affect CSQs because they gave the 6 months processing time.

    I think the new applications form Jan 1 may have to do it. But anyway,I am happy to do the value test, it won't be hard.

    Could you tell me if they asked you for any additional documents ?
  7. Nothing happened after submitting the application. I think the government may postpone the processing of CSQ to next year for the testing.
  8. Mine is in Processing, and my friend who is in 6 hundred something, is also in processing. They are requesting docs, so the processing is going on.
  9. Thanks for sharing. Can you check your file status, please? Mine is "En attente de traitement" which means still awaiting.
    I am sure that they are still sending invitations and requesting docs, but without issuing any CSQ up to now.
  10. Actually I am confused, I don't check my file often.

    My file has been "en treatment" since Sept 9, date I checked. Docs were requested.

    Now I think when they received the docs, my file may have been "waiting for treatment" and last night I checked, then it's "en treatment"

    I don't know man. I am already stressing a lot. Hopefully I will hear from them soon.
  11. Then you are on the right track. It seems to be processing now. Good luck!
  12. I just hope they give CSQ to eligible applicants whose files were destroyed even after waiting so long. And they don't give a stupid excuse to anyone.
  13. Hi All,
    Can anyone share the list of docs they have requested? I got invited yesterday so I think I should start preparing the docs as well.
  14. how to know if the file is in first 100s or 200s etc?
  15. Its the file number, left to the "En treatment" section.

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