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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by JoshC, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. Mine was also received on the 29th I hope I'll get it soon my previous application was refused
  2. For those talking about visiting the country of the PA.

    Is birth of a child (Sponsor and PA’s first child) enough to warrant the Sponsor staying more than two weeks?

    Also, how often would visitation be safely allowed?

  3. For a PR, you are risking rejection of your application every time you go out of the country for extended periods of time for any reason (Yes sadly even if its for the birth of a child). How long is too long is a very grey area but anything above 2-3 weeks is risking the application. Very recently, a sponsor who went for around a month resulted in their PA getting the letter from IRCC that they were not satisfied of the PR living in the country.
  4. My timeline
    App received April 01
    AOR1 may 10
    Biometric req 15 may
    Medical requested 22 may
    Medical updated 4 June
    DM 14 June
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  5. Thank you for the advice. That’s gonna be hard for us.
  6. Hi please does the eligibility mean that you are approved to sponsor??
  7. Yes! It means if you’re eligible to sponsor or not.
  8. If you have received an email stating you are eligible as a sponsor then yes that’s sponsor approval. It will show as Decision Made on ECAS if you check under Sponsor Status
  9. Man! This wait is killing me. Got AOR on June 10, still waiting for SA, and now this weekend.
  10. How does one check the sponsor status?
    I got the email but when i go to ecas i dont see any messages for sponsor status i only see 1 app receive 2 biometric req 3. medical req
  11. I guess your using PA’s details like UCI to check the status. To check sponsors status, you have to enter sponsors details and then you can check it. Hope this helps.
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  12. We got AOR on the 23rd of May and still didn't hear anything. :( June 10th isn't quite as long ago yet.
  13. We sent in the passport information after the PPR to:
    CPC – Ottawa – PR 365 Laurier Avenue West Ottawa ON K1A 1L1
    At the beginning of June and still waiting the COPR,
    what phone number can I use to call them and ask where it's at?
  14. You have to log into ECAS using your sponsor’s info like date of birth and last name instead of PA’s. There you can see both the statuses Sponsor side will say Decision Made for you and PA’s status will say In Process if their BGC and Eligibility are in process.
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