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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by JoshC, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. Me three. We're all three in the same boat with a similar timeline from what I gather. Should keep in touch!
  2. Any updates from April applicants? How was the status of your application?
  3. I am still waiting for my csq. Just want to ask if my sponsor can come home to me in the Philippines even if our application is not yet complete?
  4. Hello! So, my file was transferred to mexico for further processing. Is it normal for the file to go to mexico? I thought it would go to a local office here in Canada? Any thoughts?
  5. Hi
    first my file was transferred to mississauga, after 3 month, my file is being transferred to new delhi local visa office. any idea how long it would take in DM?
  6. April 12- received our application
    May 30- biometrics requests
    June 5- biometrics done
    June 5- Csq request
    End of july- csq passed

    and then no update at all.
    Who has the same timeline?
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  7. Dis they send you email about the transfer?
    I believe they take about 3months or lesser to process the files. What is your timeline?
  8. Received my file on 8th April
    15 July transferred to mississauga
    Medical cleared in same month
    16 oct transferred to delhi
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  9. Any applicants from Pakistan who submitted there applications in April 2019 got file transferred to London VO ?
    Please share your timeline
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  10. still waiting.
  11. May 3rd & 6th Applicants got file transferred yesterday.
  12. Hello Guys,
    Am new to this forum Just now I Received Passport Request.
    My time line below.
    Application Sent : August 15th 2019
    Application Received : August 19th 2019
    AOR Received : September 26th 2019
    Biometric Received : September 26th
    Sponsor approval : September 27th
    Medical Received: September 27th
    Bio and medical done: September 30th
    Medical Pass : October 5th 2019
    File Transfer to Mississauga: Oct 9th
    Decision Made : Oct 18th 2019
    Passport Request: Oct 18th 2019
    My application done in less than 2 months
    Am very happy....
    Good luck everyone
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  13. Congrats may I ask where are you from?
  14. Please send your medical information sheet through webform
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  15. Wow super fast, Congratulations

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