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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by LightRose, Mar 30, 2019.

  1. It normally takes 1-2 weeks to let you know of the result.
  2. it usually take 1-2 weeks for medical results. We did not get an email. We just checked our ECAS.
  3. Yes, I am. Havent heard anything. Will be 4 months on August 25th.
  4. Hopefully that means any day now!
  5. Yup, no idea what's up with our application

    Received: April 9th
    AOR: May 21th
    Requested CSQ: June 14th
    CSQ sumbitted: June 17th

    No medical request, no biometrics, no OWP, no nothing. We dont even have our CSQ (Quebec applicant only) and it's been almost two months instead of the 25 days it says on the MIDI website. It does mention they have a crazy amount of applications so they can't do it in the usual time but it's so lonnngg
  6. 2 more months or so....I hope :D Wish I found this site way sooner and applied for outland.....would have already been done
  7. That would be lovely.
  8. Hi,
    Just got another update on my application :
    Application recieved : 8th April,2019
    AOR : 28TH MAY, 2019
  9. Putting down my wife’s Inland PR details:

    Application received by mail: May 24 2019
    AOR: May 30 2019 (yes, only 6 days)
    OWP application returned due to missing “holder fee”: June 7th
    OWP application sent with holder fee info to Edmonton: June 8th
    OWP application received by Edmonton: June 19th.

    Until now, no update.
  10. I wanted to ask the group guys:

    1. Since my wife’s inland spousal PR is in process, and her visitor visa is valid until 2023, Can she leave the country by air and be back in 7-10 days.

    2. Can she leave the country by car to USA?
  11. can you send link to the whatsapp group
  12. App. Submitted: april 10
    Owp: jun 3
    Medical passed: jul 31
    Background check started: aug 19 today
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  13. My husband and I have tried avoiding flying since we heard it was rougher, but we have driven multiple times US-Canada. It mostly depends on the nationality of your wife, if she needs a visa at the first place to be in Canada, the risks are much higher. My husband is American and they didn't mind him going in and out to his home country by car, you just need to bring a lot of proof that you are doind everything legally. Bring your marriage certificate (very important!!) bring your AOR, show proof of health insurance and payments of your PR application. If you have an OWP show that too
  14. Got update in ECAS today, CIC received my wife's medical:

    Timeline so far below:
    Application Submission: April 12, 2019
    Application Received: April 15, 2019
    Acknowledgement of Receipt: May 28
    Open Work Permit Approval: June 5
    Open Work Permit Received: June 12
    Medical Requested: July 18, 2019
    Medical Completion: Aug 6, 2019
    Medical Received: Aug 20, 2019
    Sponsor Eligibility Approval:
    PR Approval:
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  15. Congratulation. Its really fast :)

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