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Jul 23, 2018
I am May 2018 applicant and file got transferred to Calgary office on February 2019. It has been 18 months now since file was transferred and according to my GCMS notes, my file was last reviewed March 2020 and pending interview but since they suspended all interviews my file is just stuck. Not even sure when they would resume interviews so practically waiting again for next update. Overall waiting for 27 months...
You got any news?


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Apr 24, 2019
Does anyone know if you contact MP and they sent an enquiry for you to IRCc does that make any change in your process or will go faster after that???


Nov 3, 2019
Hi everyone,
I received a letter in October 2019 indicating that I have passed the eligibility and they requested either medical of my child from previous marriage (who is in another country and my ex has full custody) or a notarized letter indicating the I would like to exclude the dependent from PR. So I provided them notarised letter along with proof that I contacted my ex and he refused medical for the child. After that my file got transferred to Vancouver immigration in March 2020 and I received an email saying it’s transferred for further review or an interview, ever since I haven’t heard anything from them. My recent GCMS notes indicate I have passed eligibility and IRCC is convinced that my relationship with my spouse is genuine , I still don’t understand why are they delaying the process. If anyone can advise me in this matter , it would be greatly appreciated.