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apprentice work experience valid on PGWP?

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by AspireDanish, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. Hello

    I had completed 2 years electrician diploma from ontario college and have been working full time as an apprentice since 1 year on a valid post graduate work permit. Will this experience is valid and counted against 1 year full time canadian experience?

    I am not quite sure because some people say apprenticeship is not counted towards experience. However, this experience as an apprentice, i earned while i am on work permit. So I would like to know whether it is valid or not
  3. If the apprenticeship was done post-graduation and on a work permit, then yes, it counts as employment.
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  4. Thanks @jes_ON
    Also I would like to know about NOC code, Job title and little confusion between FSWP/FSTP
    1) Noc code for full Electrician is 7241. And on ESDC website, "example titles" for this NOC 7241 code are apprentice electrician, construction electrician apprentice and so on.
    My current designation title is Apprentice electrician. So my question is whether can I write my title as "apprentice electrician" and code "7241"
    or should I write my title as "electrician" and code "7241".

    2) Also under which stream I must apply Federal skilled Worker program or Federal skilled trades program. Although my noc skill type is B (based on my canadian education and canadian experience as an apprentice) but I am confused because I don't have a certificate of Qualification which is needed in the FSTP program. Also earlier, before coming to canada, I had done B.Tech in electrical engineering from India and was working in Dubai as an electrical engineer for 3 years., but as i was not able to get required score in IELTS; I couldn't apply from there through FSWP program. And that's the reason I came to canada to do diploma in electrician and then decided to work as an apprentice as there are more trade jobs than professional jobs. So now I am confused under which program I must apply, FSWP/FSTP. Would it be better if apply under FSWP as I have 3 years foreign experience plus 1 year canadian experience as an apprentice which comes under skill trade or I should rather apply under FSTP and show that I completed B.Tech from India and Diploma from canada and I have 1 year canadian experience.

    Your suggestions would be highly appreciated as you are more experienced than me in this field

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