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Applying PRTD in India

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Dark Vader, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Hello, Did you get your PRTD yet? How long did it take? I applied for PRTD @ VFS Delhi in October as well.. no news till now..
  2. Hello,
    1. You could have opened a bank account on the very next day after landing. They only need your landing papers and passport and an address in Canada to send your debit card. You can get your SIN attached to your bank account while opening the account itself but its not mandatory.
    2. If you are a new immigrant and have more than 730 days remaining on your PR, you would get PRTD. You just need to attach your CoPR and any other documents that you might have (SIN, DL, Bank Account statement, Lease, Job Offer etc.) But Main in CoPR.
  3. Hi!

    Thank you!
    1. Yes, I agree but they wouldn't issue a Bank statement before a month of opening an account no, can they? And I need to go start the process of PRTD as soon as I land in India thay would hardly be a week from the day I open the account. What should I do in that case?
    Thank you
  4. No news till now. Still waiting for the PRTD. when did you apply for this?
  5. You can at least show that you have opened a bank account by taking an account summary with your name and address on it. Or you can ask the bank to give you a letter saying that you have opened an account with them on such date. But again as i said, since you are a new immigrant, and would be having more than 730 days remaining to prove your residency obligations, you should get the PRTD.
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  6. :-O no news yet? You applied on 10th Oct 2018 and It has been more than a month now for you. I applied around 20th Oct.. I wonder on the status of my application.. I dropped in an email to VFS and they said that the initial response time for PRTD is 25 days.. let me know once you get any updates on your PRTD application..
  7. Hi. I have landed in Canada as PR on Sept 20th,and stayed there for a month. I am now in India and booked my tickets back to Canada for December end.

    I was hoping to receive the PR card by then. But given the ongoing Canada Post strike, I want to be on the safe side and apply for PRTD.

    1) At the time of applying, I would be single. But my marital status will change by December end. What should I enter in PRTD?

    2) Will the change of status affect approval of PRTD?
  8. Oh great! That makes sense!

    Thanks a lot for your help!
  9. 1) If you are in India, how were you planning to go back without PRTD?
    2) PR Card would be delivered at your Canada address, were you planning on getting it couriered to India? The timelines for getting a PR card is around 2-3 months -> or at least all my friends have received their PR cards in this time frame..
    3) Data that you need to enter is what your situation is at the time of application not what it may be in future (unless specified).
    4) A PRTD application in India may take as much as around 4 weeks.. so better plan for your visa/application/ tickets accordingly..

  10. 1) I knew I would require a PRTD since I don't have my PR card yet. Which is why I was preparing to fill the PRtD application. All my questions are related to my application.

    I know about the time lines of the PR card and I have a friend who could have gotten it to India. But just in case I don't receive it by January (due to strike/photo req),I was planning on applying for PRTD.

    Thanks for the clarification on all other questions. I did apply my PRTD on Monday. Hope I'll get it in time.
  11. Hey! Did you get your PRTD? If yes, when was it. i also applied mine but no news.
  12. Did you get it and how much days it took
  13. HI All,

    My PR case is abit different and out of the ordinary and i desperately need your advice and help. I did my landing last year on 13 June 2018, my COPR has been stamped as "became PR on 13 June 2018". I did my landing and had to return to India within 2 weeks with an intention of moving permanently in a 1 or 1.5 months to close out few responsibilities on me.
    At my landing, the Immigration officer denied giving me a clearance of issuing my PR card so as to not risk handing PR card over to someone else due to recent fraud cases in Canada of PR card being lost/forged by friends or relatives who were meant to courier it to the recipients who have left Canada to return a while later. However, the immigration officer assured the PR card would be given to me whenever I choose to move back to Canada permanently and that in Canadian immigration systems "I am officially a Canadian PR" and my COPR has also been stamped as that.

    I am planning to move permanently to Canada January 2020 and it would have been 1.5 years since my landing. I have enough days in my hands left to complete the residency requirement of 730 days to renew PR later..

    Since i do not have my PR card in hand i would be applying for a PRTD in India to move to Canada.

    First question: It has been 1.5 years since my landing and being stamped as a PR, will i be given a PRTD when I apply for one? Or should i have applied as soon as I moved back to India?

    Second question: I have my SIN number but not a canadian bank account, will i face any challenges to procure a PRTD? And what other documents are required?

    I am very worried, i know i may be late to ask about this but i am hoping it is never too late.

    Your kind reply and help will be much appreciated.

    Thanking you.
  14. You should have no issues getting a PRTD. You have more than enough days left in your five year period to complete your residency.
  15. I am doing a soft landing in Canada in November and returning back in a couple of weeks. After that, I might land a job offer in Canada in a month or so and might need to fly out immediately, so is it recommended that I apply for PRTD as soon as I return back to India. Is there any expiry date for the PRTD document?

    Because if I do not happen to get a job in a month or so, I might wait like 6-8 months before flying out.

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