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Applying PRTD in India

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Dark Vader, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. People who have applied for PRTD in India, can you please share the procedure you followed.
    Documents, approximate timeline, where to send docs etc.

    Also, any reason that they reject PRTD. I am a new Permanent resident, landing done, but I haven't received my PR card yet. I need to travel to India for a family emergency. Any concerns ??

  2. 1) Documents
    In addition to the form had submitted the following
    - COPR
    - SIN
    - bank statement
    - 2 photographs

    2) Timelines
    Application was successfully processed in two weeks. Have seen folks getting in a week and others waiting for as long as 45 days.

    3) you can submit the application and documents at any of the vfs centre

    For PRTD, your case they would be looking into the following and hence, there won't be any issues in granting the PRTD
    - is a permanent resident
    - has enough days left to satisfy the two year residential obligation
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  3. Hi Guys!

    I’m kind of in the same situation but bit different. Did any of you guys travel back to India via London with out PR card? Did you have any issues boarding the flight to India?

    Your response is highly appreciated!!
  4. You need to have a valid Canada/US/Australia visa - then there is no issue else you may have to apply for DATV if you are not crossing the customs in London - that's what my interpretation is from UK visa site
  5. Thats absolutely correct. I have applied for a DATV for my family who will be transiting UK on their return from Canada to India.

  6. Hello

    Can you confirm which bank statement is required?

    I do not have a bank account in canada
  7. Canadian bank account. I do not think it is mandatory, I was having it so I submitted it with the form.
  8. Hi in the PRTD, what is the answer to question 9? "The number on your Record of Landing, COPR or PR card" I dont have a PR card yet and i need to travel by end of this month. also can you confirm the photo is the same 50*70 submitted for PR? thank you
  9. When I applied it was number of record of landing, confirmation of permanent residence or permanent resident card.. so i had written the document number that was there on my COPR. Has it changed now?
    Regarding photo, I do not exactly remember.
  10. hi so if i am travelling from India to Canada via UK , do i need a transit visa? I have a PRTD for Canada (PR card is still not issued) and have a valid B1/B2 visa for US
  11. Hi, in how many days you received your travel document? And did you clicked photo from canada or in India? I am confused that if they want photo to be clicked from India only or it doesn't matter.
  12. It doesn't matter where u click the photos from, they should just meet the specifications and most importantly be six months recent
  13. Thanks for info
  14. Hello guys!

    I would be applying for PRTD from India and I am a new PR and had to leave before PR card arrived.
    I have two questions -
    1. People say that it's good to show bank statement etc. as proof of residence in Canada, but I would be in Canads for just a week, I can open a bank account there in that period but for a bank statement, wouldn't I need at least a month?
    As if not this, I would be getting my SIN. And that is the only proof of residence I would have to give. What to do?

    2. In the PRTD form given on CIC website, it's written that if your stay in Canada is greater or equal to 730 days, you comply with the residency obligation and skip to Declaration and if you don't you might not get it?
    How should I fill this section of the form considering I am a new PR and would have stayed in Canada for hardly a week!?

    Please help!
    Thank you
  15. Hi,

    I have applied for PRTD for my son at VFS delhic center on 10 Oct 2018, do anyone know how long will it take. Actually I was assuming it to take 2 weeks so I booked my flight tickets for 11th November 2018. I am sending multiple emails to Canada embassy in India regarding the same getting no reply.

    Thanks for your help.

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