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Applying for travel document (LEON/PMM/Qorax)

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by khanwaja, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. Dear members,

    I am about to send my application for travel document as i would need to enter canada so that i can submit my photographs for PR card as they were rejected earlier.

    Since i am going mainly to submit photographs and will be spending vacation in canada which i will mention in the cover letter. Please advise if there are any chances for rejection of my application for Travel Document as i am not going there permanently this time, however will be moving permanently to Canada in 2012

    Please advise if i should also include tax return document as paid tax for year 2010 as my family lived in year 2010 in canada


  2. As long as you still meet the residency requirements, I don't think they can legally refuse you a PR travel document.

    As for your taxes, there are certain things that CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) uses to decide if you are a resident of Canada for tax purposes or not. One thing could be that your family is living in Canada. You can get more information about that here: http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/tx/nnrsdnts/cmmn/rsdncy-eng.html
  3. Thanks Leon for replying, I paid tax for year 2010 as my family was living in Canada from Aug10 till Jan11, Last week already sent tax that i need to settle.

    I have just submitted my travel document application along with all supporting documents, also mentioned details about my family like when they moved to Brunei and also included tax return document just in case.

    Lets in a week or two times, hopefully will get travel document visa.

    Thanks once again.

  4. Visa for baby

    we landed in canada in july 2010 and came back 2010 aug...i hav a daughter born outside canada on oct 2010....our photos got rejected becoz of pic problems.....i want to go to submit new pics in aug 2011 and settle permanently in 2012...is it possible they giv my baby TRV....then again a TRP in 2012

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