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Applying for Supervisa within Canada

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by se7en, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. Hi Folks,

    I am starting this topic for those whose parents are already in Canada on regular visitor's visa and want to apply for supervisa now.
    I think this will be a good platform to share experiences, ideas, question/answer related to the similar situation. I hope you guys will participate.

    I will first start with myself. My mother is here in Canada on a regular visitor's visa which is until the end of 2018 and her visitor's status is good for 4 months from now. I am in the stage of applying for a Super Visa now. I know this application will be processed within Canada probably in IRCC Ottawa office. I have a few concerns and hope some senior members and experts will have answers for me and anyone is welcome to participate.

    For now my concerns are:

    1 - Is is necessary to submit documents related to home ties? If yes, then what kind of documents since my mother is already in Canada and providing such documents will make no sense I guess.

    2 - On visa application form question 3, what choice should be selected from the following:
    Question 3: I am applying for one or more of the following:
    a) Extension of my temporary resident status
    b) Initial temporary resident permit or extension of temporary resident permit
    c) Omitted

    3 - To be honest, I want my mother to stay here for long but for application purpose how long stay should be mentioned?
  2. Hi,

    What you would be applying for is not a super visa but an extension to your mom's current visitor status. If approved, she could continue to remain on the current TRV entry for up to two years. These applications are processed by CPC-Vegreville.

    Your mom must apply for a super visa from her home country.

    The eligibility conditions are nearly the same for both situations. The key difference is a TRV allows someone to enter/remain in Canada for up to 6 months on initial entry, whereas a super visa allows a stay of up to two years, on initial entry, without applying for an extension

  3. yes, Bryanna is correct!

    I am in the same situation and my Mom is going back to her home country for Supervisa only, because if you apply within Canada so they can only allow to staying for 2 years further by issuing her Visitor record only, not TRV sticker on passport... so she can't re-enter into Canada afterwords

  4. Hi guys

    I like to apply supervisa for my parents and (they are currently not in Canada)I have some questions may be someone can help me out

    • What is the minimum income level for 2017 for 3 individual (me, my father and mother)
    • How can I apply, I meant do I have to log in to mycic account or I have to a create a new account for my father and mother separate cos I like to apply online

  5. 1. For three persons, it is CAD 37,650

    2. You must create new accounts for your parents
  6. I am in similar situation. Applied for super visa within canada received just an extension. Now my mom is going back just to apply super visa.

    I have one question. Once she gets super vise say 3 months. Can she come back? Or she has to stay 6 months outside canada after extension?
  7. There is no restriction on when she can return. That said, how long she is allowed to stay when she returns the next time will depend on the CBSA officer she meets at the POE
  8. Bryanna,
    My mother left earlier this month although she got visitor's record valid until march next year and her current regular visit visa expires in December next year.
    I am planning to apply for supervisa on behalf of her. What do you think would be good time to apply for this? Should I file the application in a new days or wait for a month or two as I have all the documents ready and will buy health insurance a day before applying.
  9. I suggest you wait for a couple of months
  10. Thank you Bryanna for suggestion.
    I am thinking to file in the month February/March next year. Do you think this is a good gap? Also, what happens if I file for supervisa and she travels here with her existing regular visit visa while the supervisa is being processed. Can we request IRCC to stick the counterfoil on her passport while she is here if supervisa is approved or she has to go back for this?
  11. I would suggest that you apply in maybe April/May.

    If she gets a passport request then yes, the super visa counterfoil can be stamped by CPC-O.

    That said, you may want to email the visa office for her country/territory to reconfirm that her existing TRV will not be cancelled when she applies for a super visa and/or would the TRV continue to remain valid if she is refused a super visa (hopefully it will not be the case). This is a bit of a grey area and I'm not too sure about this scenario
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    Awesome Bryanna.
    I guess they won't cancel her existing visa but as you said it's a bit of grey area and as you suggested I have sent email to the visa office.

    Now for the reason of travel, I am a bit curious what should go in there as she has already been here three times. What I meant is, will it make point to the VO while considering her previous visits if I make her day to day activities like going to different places, shopping etc or family vacation travel to the US (she has a valid US visa but never visited there) and how much stay should I mention in supervisa application while keeping her previous visits in view:

    1st visit: She stayed for a month
    2nd visit: 3 months
    3rd visit: 8 months (applied for extension but she left during the implied status and extension granted after)

    Again, thank you for your time and kind suggestions.
  13. No, a day-by-day itinerary is not needed for a super visa. That's only for TRV applications.

    It depends on how long she/you would like her to stay

    What were the dates for each visit?
  14. 1st visit: Sep/Oct 2013
    2nd visit: Sep-Nov 2015
    3rd visit: March-Nov 2017
  15. Okay. Perfect. She has been returning after staying in her home country for a significant amount of time.

    Nonetheless, do wait until April/May before you apply for her super visa. As her extension was approved for her recent TRV stay, she will most likely be approved for a super visa too (she'll need to clear medicals, etc of course)

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