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Applying for student visa within Canada

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Canada2107, Jun 22, 2019.

  1. New Study Permit.
  2. Congratualtions iBarjar, I have applied for student visa within Canada, I am on visitor visa and my wife has PSWP . I have submitted online application on June 4th but still no any response . Please let me know if you are in the same situation as a visitor.
  3. Last week they replied my webform and told me that they were working on applications received on May 21.

    Now I just checked the processing times (updated) and now is saying that they are working May 14.

    How is it possible???
  4. It's outdated !
    Don't trust the processing time .
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  5. My dad is here on work permit. I completed my high school here in Canada with a study permit that is valid only for secondary school. I had to apply for new study permit for the university.
  6. Thanks iBarjar.
  7. We applied at the same day than you. Keep us updated.
  8. Hi, My application has been approved.

    Date Received: June 4, 2019
    July 3, 2019 Your eligibility has been reviewed
    July 19, 2019 Your application was approved.
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  9. Congratulations! For you and your wife?

    Mine didn't even start the review. Prayers to God.

  10. The review start/change status on your CIC account has nothing to do with your processing .

    Don't worry about eligibility review status.
    They could've already started it but won't show.

    I applied for my CAIPS notes for my Study Permit , and according to the officers notes my eligibility was being processed around March 8 .

    But according to my online CIC account , it changed on same day as approval i.e March 14.
    That was last year .
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  11. Any updates for study permit extensions ?
  12. No. You?
  13. Same , still waiting lol !
  14. why is not required for you? where are you from? could you explain us more about that?
  15. Inside Canada

    If you are applying in person in Canada, you will be able to give your biometric information at specified Service Canada locations starting in 2019. Until then, IRCC says anyone applying for a visa, study or work permit or permanent residence in Canada is exempt from the biometrics requirement.

    It's not ready yet. So, exempt.

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