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Applying for student visa within Canada

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Canada2107, Jun 22, 2019.

  1. hello guys, does anyone who has applied after may 2019 for student permit inside canada already received any answer from IRCC? I applied online for student visa on may 8th and now it's been 42 days without any update from IRCC, even though the website shows 33 days to process. Should I be worried about it?
  2. Hello there
    I applied on 26 Apr, and haven't received any result yet. I called and emailed to IRCC, but there is no sufficient reaction. The only thing I can do is waiting. I have no idea why it takes that much time. Many applicants from outside Canada can get the study permit within 3 weeks.
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  3. Hi

    1. On line in Canada, 33 days, Paper 80 days.
  4. Thank you PMM.

    I have called IRCC to understand why my process was delayed and they said that they were working on those process which were applied on may 6th
  5. It's been two months!! I don't believe the processing time on the website anymore....
  6. Hi there
    Are you applying for 2019 fall entry on Sept? Does your previous permit have been expiry?
  7. Yes, and my permit will expire next month.
  8. Can you post here if there are any updates on your application? So we can share the processing step.
    That's so bad I can't do anything now with that damn implied status
  9. That's bad , I have seen others in this forum who applied and got it within 30-35 days.

    Did your eligibility review start ?
  10. No...It's been 2 months in "submitted" status
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  11. Was your extension with family ( Spouse or Kids ) or without? My friend received her extension yesterday. She applied on 15th May
  12. @Canada2107 Any updates?

  13. I submitted my SP extension on July 3rd .

    They started eligibility review same day after 3 hours .
  14. You must be showing off. LOL
  15. [​IMG]

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