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Applying for SINP- Birth Certificate is necessary?

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by lilcysel, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. Hi I'm going to apply for SINP under student category. I'm from India and i don't have birth certificate. Should i get "Certificate of Date of Birth" from Consulate of India? Or my passport will be good enough?

    Please advice! Thanks!
  2. you need birth certi 4 sinp u have to send your family member to nearest municipal office to your home in India. thats what I did.
    there could be other way but I dont know abt that.

  3. Oh ok! Thanks so much!
  4. Birth Certificate is ESSENTIAL for Federal processing. My first application returned due to 'Certificate of Date of Birth' from consulate, as it is not original.

    Though SINP officers will accept 'Certificate of Date of Birth', but not Federal.

    Either you can submit a letter by 'no birth certificate' option.. If you need more information, I will update soon.


  5. Please update soon! Thanks so much!
  6. hi, would school transcripts work to apply for SINP? It has my Mom and Dad's name and DOB and my Dad's signature.

    Please reply if anyone knows!

  7. Lilcysel: I believe if you are born before 1980 in India then you can give some other proof in lieu of your Birth Certificate. I spoke to my consultant and he confirmed the same as well.


  8. The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program has implemented application intake thresholds to improve program efficiency.

    Effective immediately the SINP will accept a maximum number of applications in each category for the remainder of the calendar year but will continue to process all applications currently in inventory.


    Skilled Workers 3,100
    Existing Work Permits & Health Professionals 450
    Family Referral 250
    Entrepreneur & Farm Owner 250
    Long Haul Truck Driver & Hospitality Sector Pilot Projects 200
    Students 175

    These levels are in effect until December 31, 2013. They will be reviewed on an annual basis.

    The category application quota will be posted online and updated with remaining availability on a weekly basis. When the category reaches the intake threshold the website will be updated immediately and no further applications will be accepted.
  9. I know I am replying on 2013 thread, but still, Guys, anyone who got SINP nomination without Birth Certificate by providing some alternate. I know it is mandatory , but just trying to understand if there is any hope for my application.

    I attached Affidavit, 10 th Certificate, Passport and Letter of Explanation that I do not have birth certificate.
  10. Ask here
  11. Thanks buddy, just sent. Hopefully I'll have positive response.
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  12. NOC 2173- Saat Khoon Maaf ;) (read as all excused )
  13. What happened doctor?
  14. ICT occupations have so much preference that all rules and regulations are flexible for them. I just meant that :)

    The recent 'system error' proves that they are in real need to ICT people hahahha.
  15. I got following response from SINP

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    If a copy of your birth certificate is unavailable you must provide a Non Availability Certificate from your country’s registry indicating that a copy of your birth certificate is unavailable and it should indicate a reason it is unavailable. When a birth certificate is unavailable, the SINP may accept two alternative pieces of identification that state the name of the applicant, date of birth and the name of the father and/or mother. Acceptable documents are:

    - Education Documents with birth date and parent’s name;

    - I.D. Cards (with date of birth and parent’s name);

    - National Voting Card; and

    - Family/Household Register.

    Please note that we do not accept an affidavit or passport as birth document.

    Kind regards,

    Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)
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