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Applying for Express Entry from Quebec***

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by kabir24, Nov 25, 2017.

  1. Hi
    I am in a similar situation now. Do you mind sharing what happend to your case eventually? I got my Master's from Ontario and worked there for a while. I am studying PhD in Quebec now and am thinking of quitting the program and going back to Ontario if I cannot get the PR while I am studying in Quebec.
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  2. Hi Rina,

    Could you get your PR when you were still residing in Quebec?
  3. Hi guys,
    Any updates about your EE application from Quebec please? Thanks in advance for your answers.

  4. Hi

    I'd like to know the result?
    Did you get the Pr even you work for Quebec company?
    Thank you!!!
  5. Hello,
    Any news about your case ?
    Thank you!
  6. I moved back to Ontario. Wasn't worth the risk.

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